Golf Digest Best New Course in Canada

In January 2008 Robert Thompson launched an ambitious series of posts analyzing the Canadian selections in Golf Digest’s annual Best New Course rankings:

Remarkable as it seems, the golf boom in Canada over the last two decades is best chronicled by Golf Digest’s Best New Course in Canada award.

The award has been handed out since 1991 — the year Devil’s Pulpit took the first prize — and continues to this day, with Muskoka Bay taking the latest version. Along the way, the courses that have won the prize read like a list of the explosion in golf development in Canada, places like The Links at Crowbush Cover (which kick started PEI’s foray back into publicly funded golf in the 1990s following in the footsteps of Mill River and the like), Nicklaus North (the continued growth of golf in BC) to the Lake Joseph Club (which launched the Muskoka renaissance).

There have also been some real clunkers (The Rock, anyone). On the hand there have occasionally been courses didn’t even make the Top 3 in a particular year, but have gone on to some acclaim (the Osprey Valley courses spring to mind).

With that, I thought it would be interesting to do a series that reviews each year of the awards, investigating which courses have stood the test of time, which should never have won, and which were not even given a mention in their particular year.

The selection of a course as a ‘Golf Digest Best New Course in Canada’ is as illustrious an honour as any course can win in this country, for that reason these annual rankings receive a tremendous amount of attention. With that, here is a perspective on those courses that received their due, those pretenders to the throne, and those that were overlooked.

Following the series, here is a look at some more recent winners:

We’ll continue to update this page and continue to catalog and analyze the winners and losers of this important award.