SQAIRZ and PinPal – a winning combo

In my working life on a number of occasions I have been asked to be endorse and even sell various goods and services. When I worked as a public address announcer in the sports industry, most likely due to some level of public exposure and also displaying lots of confidence I would often be approached my company owners or the representatives. I have been asked to be involved in a number of multi level marketing schemes and I’ve appeared in a few local TV commercials endorsing a business or its product.

Me, my Sqairz shoes and the PinPal Collar.

I was always somewhat cautious to put my face to a name and would make sure I did my due diligence before making that leap.

In the golf industry in particular golf reps would often ask me to wear their brand of shirt or pump up sales of their golf clubs. I have had my fair share of products gifted to me, full sets of clubs, and lines of clothing, sunglasses and hats among many things.

I am now not only endorsing 2 products in the golf industry I am using one of them

every round I play and the other I am actively selling to golf courses now.

The one I use every round is actually “two” as they come in pairs, my Sqairz golf shoes of which I have 2 pairs now. Some of you have seen my numerous homemade videos of me promoting Sqairz shoes. You may have also seen the TV commercial on the Golf Channel with golf legend Nick Faldo promoting Sqairz shoes. Nick is famous, I’m not.

The other product, which I also feel, is the best in its category is the PinPal Collar, which I am now promoting in my role as Business Development Manager. In my first week with PinPal 4 golf courses in my local community have ordered them and many more will be following globally.

Shoes as a whole are pretty self explanatory, the PinPal collar not so much, at least for now. Let me clarify

The PinPal as it’s more commonly known is one of many products out there that is placed in the cup to allow for an easy removal by hand. All of the similar products or items like the horrible pool noodle are being implemented as a result of eliminating touch points due to the Covid pandemic. The PinPal is superior to every system out there and I would suggest golf course operators bite the bullet on the ones they may have bought already and go to to order please.

Eventually we are going to able to touch the flagstick again, very soon I would think.

The PinPal is designed to remain on as part of your operation even after the “touch ban” has been lifted. What does it do you ask? It sits on your flagstick above the ferrule at a height that allows the ball to easily be removed by hand. It is also made of a soft polymer plastic so it is not prone to damage or breakage. It also is unique as the “fins” that the ball rests on are angled so every time the flag is lifted up, even 2 inches upward, the ball moves away from the cup and rolls a couple of feet towards you. This eliminates the need for those golfers with the claw or suction cup device on the top of their putter grip from stabbing and gouging the edges of the cup in attempt to pick up their ball. They can just stand straight above it and clasp onto it away from the hole. Superintendents love it for this. Here’s what doesn’t work as well. The pool noodle. It looks cheap, it’s prone to mold growing on it and needs to be washed off or replaced regularly. Next is the metal or plastic arm lifty thing. I played one of Canada’s top golf courses and they had these contraptions. Here’s how that went, first it was metal so it scratched the red paint on my $300 putter. How you ask? It is a mechanical device that lifts a plate in the hole that the ball rests on. You use your putter to raise this arm and the ball is supposed to fall of easily. Oh wait before you chip or putt on, one of the other golfers in your group has to run up and turn it away from the direction of your shot as it can deflect your ball of track. Great lets make golf slower and also more difficult. See – Expensive and overkill.    

Then there is the one that pretends to be like the PinPal, its hard plastic for one thing, I saw one that was broken in the cup from a direct hit I imagine. Also when you lift the flag out…………. remember that’s coming, the ball just sits on it and you have to try and flick it off or tilt the flag awkwardly so the ball falls off or, oh oh wait a second, falls back into the hole. Seen it happen with my own eyes.

What else is there? Oh ya the inverted cup. See – Ball would have gone in but it hit the hard plastic ribs of the underside of the cup and kept going. Then there is the cut off piece of PVC. Looks? Almost as sad looking as the pool noodle. I played in a scramble at a local course here in Parksville and 2 out the 4 of us made the putt but the piece of PVC was misplaced at a 45 degree angle and the ball ran along the high side of the edge of the PVC and was spit out of the cup.

Now back to Sqairz my favourite new product since the 4-wheel cart. I have 18 pairs of golf shoes, 16 of them I haven’t worn since I got my first pair of Sqairz back in September. Sorry, I lied one spike less pair looks like a loafer so I wore them grocery shopping. This shoe is in my opinion revolutionary. If its only unique feature was the squared off blunted toe I’d only wear them. I have lined up everything from a 280 drive to a 2-foot birdie putt utilizing this feature with great success. I also like stability and comfort as a well as dryness. I live in a rain belt and I can never use the “ I don’t want to get wet feet” excuse again. Coming up for 62 years old in January I have not loss one ounce of power yet and when I swing I am not shy. The wide toe box allows me to spread my long gangly toes out, the supported heal area and the widened sole allows me to stay grounded and really push off adding yardage to all of my clubs. 10 yards to my drives at least and half a club on all irons.

Lastly I like cool, I probably at one time in my life may have even been described as cool. I also love fashion, few can out style me, try to, it’s not cheap. These shoes are the epitome of cool; people compliment me on them all the time. I love my Sqairz, I love the company and saying I love the owner and founder Bob Winskowicz might be a bit odd but I sure do love it when we talk on the phone. Awesome guy. is where you can order them and if you feel like a $10 discount pop the word “Oceanside” into the promo code box too.    

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