Indian Mound Golf Course – Jekyll Island, Georgia – “Always on My Mind”

Indian Mound Golf Course - Jekyll Island, Georgia

Indian Mound Golf Course

After two very enjoyable golf trips to Jekyll Island in the early 90s, I knew someday I would get to come back to this modest, but rewarding golfing paradise.

Back then living in central Canada in the prairies, we would use any excuse to find an affordable and accessible place to go play golf and get away from the cold.

Indian Mound Golf Course - Jekyll Island, Georgia

Clean, spacious and with a good selection of soft goods, the Pro Shop.

My first trip was just two people on a holiday, but it laid the groundwork though to bring a group of 36 golfers from my home course in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan the following year for a week here.

When Myra informed me that she wished to make the long trip from Vancouver Island to her sister in the panhandle of Florida, my juices were flowing with the thought of bringing her to Jekyll Island, Georgia.

The gentle Par 4 opening hole relatively straight and flat.

Arriving the day before we were to start our three days of golf, I decided to bring Myra to the Pro Shop and gaze upon some of the holes that are in close proximity to the practice area.

There are 54 holes of great golf spread out among the three enjoyable well-maintained courses – Par 72 18 hole very affordable layouts.

The view from 300 yards out on the Par 5 3rd hole.

If you want to take a step back in time you can also play the original nine-hole course that the wealthy millionaire members of the Jekyll Island Club played sipping iced tea and wearing their linen cardigans back as early as the 1920s.

Pulling into the parking lot It did not seem that anything had changed dramatically and thankfully so. This is not a golf operation that dedicates money unnecessarily installing curbs on paths, having expensive three ply toilet paper or worries if there’s the odd dry area where the grass isn’t perfect.

Myra watches her drive soar on the Par 4. 4th.

It certainly doesn’t possess some of that standoffish feel of the country clubs of the world.

It’s a bit like good home cooking – it’s pleasingly simple and leaves you feeling totally satisfied and wanting to return for seconds.

After a quick look around the Pro Shop and a warm hello and welcome from Director of Golf Spencer Bookman, a native Virginian, we set off to our little rental property in anticipation of returning for the first of three rounds on Indian Mound, Pine Lakes and Oleander golf courses.

The opening hole on the back nine, nice and straight with great bunkering.

We awoke to very humid conditions and the thermometer was in the mid-80s by lunchtime.Myra and I both still insisted on bringing a light jacket just in case we got a bit of rain. The weather was as cooperative as all the staff members that we met and our initial greeting from Kevin in the Pro Shop and young Samantha made us feel very welcome.

We hadn’t played for six days so we took advantage of the great practice facility which is right next to the Pro Shop.

Outside the Pro Shop, cart attendant Jim set us up in a nice clean unit complete with a very effective GPS system.  Loosened up and with our short games honed, we made the very short drive to the starter’s hut to go play Indian Mound. For those of you fortunate in your golfing life to play a Joe Lee designed course will know Gentlemen Joe, as he was affectionately known, didn’t believe that golf should be a punishment, but rather a rewarding and fun experience.

The 12th one of the prettier Par 3’s looking from the white tees over water.

His courses are typically void of huge slopes and undulations on the greens, complimented with nice generous landing areas off the tees and strategically placed fair bunkers.

The first three holes are pretty straightforward and gently ease you into the round. The scenery on the golf course really starts to flourish when you get to the fourth tee box.

Although we had a power cart, this course would be very easy to walk as it basically was the same elevation on every hole.

The short par 4, 14th, watch the water left!

I could see that Myra’s game is becoming more tuned to the Bermuda grass and she was hitting really delightful fairway shots and her driving was consistently solid all game. At one point she stated “I think anyone could enjoy playing this course”.

After a slow start, I also got into a good zone with my highlight hole being a great birdie on number eight and starting the back nine with five consecutive pars.

My 86 and Myra’s 111 really could’ve been about eight shots better each,but with the heat and humidity catching up with us, we limped in on the last few holes looking more like a couple of bedraggled nomads instead of a couple of avid golfers.

Within our round on this beautiful heavily vegetated and tree lined course, we marveled at all the different types of wildlife.

A rewarding finishing hole, greatly appreciated after a hot day.

We saw more than one alligator, numerous beautiful Grey Herons, brilliant red Cardinals and an Anhinga wings spread drying itself upon a small rock in the middle of one of the ponds.

With the help of Don, we loaded up our gear and went to say our thank you’s again getting to share our thoughts and joy with Spencer. With a new hat gifted to me by Myra for my birdie and a couple hours to kill before we wanted to get home for supper, we took a look at a few of the new areas that have been developed here since I was here back in the 90s.

Beach Village situated next to the Westin Hotel has a great selection of small gift and clothing shops plus a small selection of places to grab a bite to eat or drink within about 100 yards of the spectacular beach that borders the Atlantic Ocean.

Next up on the docket is 18 holes at Pine Lakes which from memory I know will be as equally as rewarding as our opening round today.



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