Like all golf fans I’m watching the Masters 2013.  In fact, it’s on at work, it’s on the radio while I sleep…..and this morning all the talking heads are on about TIGER WOODS making an incorrect drop.  Well, until now I was hoping someone else would win, now I’m cheering for TIGER.  1st time too.

But the most important thing about this year’s Masters – is that a 14 year old Chinese boy has made the cut!!!   EVERY GOLF CLUB in this year’s MASTERS was made in China (maybe some of the veteran champions might have had classic made in the USA clubs, so I should say -every club that made the cut is from CHINA).  Most of the clubs under construction around the world are in China.   This kid making the cut will become key to the biggest golf boom in history, and we’re watching it!   I missed the boom in the 1920’s and wasn’t aware of the boom in the 50s and 60s (I know, some feel that it wasn’t a positive boom but I, for one, thank RTJ and Dick Wilson), but heh, I’m watching this one.

Last year, on a quiet winter’s day, we tried to find ANYTHING in Golftown that was “made in the USA or Canada”.  We found something, what do you think it was?

Shouldn’t they be getting ready for the 2014 Masters?

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Venerable Canadian golf pro Gary Slatter discusses his opinions on the state of golf, golf course design and construction, teaching and more, based on a lifetime in the business.

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  • I would love to know if Derek Aubrey shares your opinion on the Masters and Tiger – I miss him.

    It is fair to say I disagree with your view on the Tiger fiasco.

    The fourteen year old is a great story, and combined with the upcoming Olympics, the face of golf will continue to evolve from plaid covered greybeards.

  • There are some custom putters that you can find that were manufactured in the USA, but I doubt a chain would carry them. I think some True Temper steel shafts are still made in the US but they also have a plant in China so they might be hard to find.

    I would really love to hear what you found though.

  • Tees, some of the tees were from Canada. I think the wood was sent to Vermont, then to China, then back. Most clubs and shafts now say “made in China, assembled in China”. Some NIKE balls are from Viet Nam, Cambodia and China.

    h2o boy: some putters are indeed made in the USA, but hard to find retail. Some clubs are still glued together in North America, also hard to find.

    Derek Aubrey – is that the Aubrey with the R&A?

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