RORY comes out against Idle No More

here’s the link to the Irish Golf Desk, a fine site IMHO.

My last post about Sean Foley’s TIP didn’t work for some reason, so I’ll summarize the long page that I typed in vain.   Foley’s tip in Golf Digest is not correct, in my opinion and from my experience.  Of course, I’ve never made $20,000 for a lesson either, so maybe he is correct.   He said to not have your eyes directly over the ball when putting, but rather have your eyes 2 inches inside the line “like many pros do”.   Well if you have your eyes 2 inches inside your ball, I think you’ll push your short putts, or putts up to 15 feet.  Longer putts will be OK, maybe you’ll get some hook-spin on longer putts.  Maybe his wealthy students pull their putts so this eyes inside the line will work for them.  It does work for short people whose putters are too long for them, but it’s easier to cut down a putter shaft, than composite for something wrong.   Just saying…..

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