Predictions for 2013

“Hang yourself with your own rope”. That is what you potentially do when you make predictions on any outcomes in sport especially if you are bold enough to make it public knowledge. In my local golf column here in Parksville, BC I made a few predictions, some came true, others were way off. With the parity in golf its really like shooting a shotgun off upward towards a passing flock of geese, sure one will drop but is it the one you aimed at?

Picking a European win in the Ryder Cup for me was based on loyalty to the motherland and the birthplace of golf  and with only 2 choices, it’s not proof of a wise decision when it’s 50/50 but I’ll take it. Furthermore unless it was a world war I would never cheer for the US in anything unless it was maybe a soccer game against Afghanistan or Iraq and even then I might just not bother cheering for either actually.

Now to the 2013 golf season, mostly the big boys and lets just narrow it to the Majors, well lets just cut to the chase and test the strength of this limb I am climbing perilously onto. I am picking Ian Poulter to win the Masters and I am not brave enough or arrogant enough for that matter to make any Tiger predictions other than he will contend, he will again attract double the amount of viewing audience and he will get closer to his incredible form of the past but never come close to the heights once achieved.

I like names like Coalsaerts, Blixt and Grace to make considerable noise in the global sense and from our own beloved Canada I truly believe Graham DeLaet will win a PGA tour event this year.

Rory, the boy king for a major and player of the year and in my own insignificant little world out here on Paradise Island I will shoot par or better at least once this year on 18 holes of golf,. No windmills, clowns nose or wooden ramps involved.

In late November once again over a 140 male golfers, many sporting Movember mustaches, will grace the fairways of Eaglecrest Golf Club in Qualicum Beach and raise thousands of dollars for prostate cancer research in the annual Bull Moose classic and in exactly a year to this moment I will hopefully be grinning with at least one of the aforementioned predictions coming true and bite my tongue in saying to anyone ” I told you so”!

3 buddies – Juan, Bill and Mark all sporting their Movember mustaches before teeing off in The Bull Moose Classic, Eaglecrest Golf Course, Qualicum Beach, BC



I wish I would predict I would get a hole in one and believe it would come true but alas another year goes by and still no ace!



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Bill Flower

Bill Flower is a passionate golfer and lover of the game who lives on Vancouver Island in Parksville, BC. He has played the game since the age of 10 and has spent many years in the golf business ranging from full time teaching pro to part time professional caddy, golf tour operator and golf writer. He loves to travel with his wife Myra up and down the west coast of the US playing and reviewing golf courses of all styles.

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  • Wow! Bill?
    That was quite a rantor not – maybe just a “getting it off your chest” contribution.
    I don’t agree with any of your 2013 predictions, I also particularly don’t agree with your blatant anti- Americanism ( I think this has no place in the world of golf at all, this is the same game we all love , is it not?), but you are certainly allowed to say what you think.
    When you can spell Graham’s surname correctly, then perhaps I shall re-visit.

  • Well. Robert. Three days until you decide to post my comment or not? And what does “moderation” mean anyway? I don’t know Diamond Bill from a – no, I won’t say that at all – but if he can express strong opinions then surely we can also? And it is not as if there was anything offensive in my reply.
    If you put something out there, it is assumed you have a thick skin. It is assumed you can take it, if not, then don’t do it. Simple as that.

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