A True Golfing Day

Teeing off at Storey Creek Golf Club, Campbell River BC

Here in the comfort of my home office and penning my inaugural blog to all I wish a cheery good day from Canada’s golfing playground, Vancouver Island, where local tourism brochures and unknowing non-golfing realtors actually promote this beautiful spot as an “all year round” golf destination! Technically that is true but it belies my own description of what is “really” a true golfing day.

First of all, I can accept calling the pro shop for a report on frost delays but not ice delays. Secondly having lived in the UK for many years, a toque is not a totally inappropriate part of golf apparel all be it pulling it out in August is a little much and lastly the disposable “hand warmers”, those handy little packets that heat up when shaken or exposed to air should not be put down your pants……..ever, even though one brand is actually called “Hot Rods Hand Warmers”.

I qualify for the category of golf nut or golf fanatic for many reasons, one being that not only have I played golf more than once on New Years Day in the northern hemisphere. I actually played 36 holes at plus 1 C at Longhirst Golf Club in Northumberland, England (See map of England – Northumberland – England’s most northerly county!)

Yes 2 complete 18 hole rounds on frozen greens or should that be whites where between 9’s, we went in for a bowl of soup to warm up and at the end of our exodus instead of shaking hands 3 of us 4 looked around at the waning light and agreed whole heartedly “Another 9 lads?” and off we went! What the hell, 45 holes, no biggy.

There is no doubt I am a Canuck (don’t confuse that term with Canuck Fan please) as I played golf on the frozen English tundra for 10 straight hours and was no worse for wear but nearly died when I played 18 holes on New Years Day at The Coast Golf Club in Sydney Australia. It wasn’t so much that it was plus 41, well that was an influence actually but the 30 mile an hour wind coming off the Great Australian Desert to the north made the Wind Heat Factor feel like plus 60. Grab one of the new high tech hair blow dryers and hold the “turbo boost” button for a few seconds while you blast that directly into your face. That’s the button that actually bakes the curls into place I guess. No, better yet, get your friend to do that and you go grab your putter. Now have your buddy aim it into your eyes and try and make a putt from say, 2 feet. Fun eh?

I sincerely hope that at some point in your golfing life you play golf here on “The Island” but pick one of the summer months, or spring or even fall, like today, + 7 for a high but don’t come here for winter golf and if you do send me an email I’ll buy the soup!

Until next time, “Good Golfing”.


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Bill Flower

Bill Flower is a passionate golfer and lover of the game who lives on Vancouver Island in Parksville, BC. He has played the game since the age of 10 and has spent many years in the golf business ranging from full time teaching pro to part time professional caddy, golf tour operator and golf writer. He loves to travel with his wife Myra up and down the west coast of the US playing and reviewing golf courses of all styles.

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  • Canadian Golfer Bill do us all a favour and go play somewhere other than Vancouver Island. We can and do play year round and the conditions are no worse at the worst of times than early spring or late fall in Ontario. I only played there for 50 + years so I do know what I am talking about.

  • Bill, who’s the stronger this year, Kirkcaldy or Dundee Blades? Will either benefit from the NHL strike?
    Is Scotscraig still on your hotlist?
    cheers, Gary

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