What say you about a golf course review?


Ah the golf course review, what is its true purpose? Is it to tantalize or tease? I have reviewed a few courses in the past and you can expect a few things from this guy.

I have played more public courses than private ones for sure and although its often rewarding to play a manicured private country club most of us working stiffs are persona non gratis really so why would I waste my time or yours in reviewing and writing about any courses that most of will never set foot on. That isn’t to say I would turn down an invite to play any prestigious private club though! I at least have the golf outfits and swing plus enough credit on my Visa card to look like I belong. I was a guest of a member of Royal Troon twice, once as a VIP to attend the 2004 Open Championship, which included having lunch with the Club Captain and again in 2005 to play the course with that same member. Incredible course and amazing day to say the least but my review of all courses is about the whole experience from parking the car to driving away. Customer service and value for money are at the top of my list and I can forgive a poorly designed bunker or a bumpy cart path if I am made to feel welcome, treated kindly and don’t feel ripped off where it counts, in my wallet. There isn’t a golf day in the world that is worth more than $100 for your actual 18 holes, walking with no cart, no range balls not even a bottle of water thrown in. Royal Troon, like many, requires zero critiquing. Now the clubhouse is another matter, now that’s worth reviewing! Sorry but I also tend to stray from the bizarre and ridiculous layouts and designs and even when I play one that I set high expectations on and am disappointed, I always look for one nugget to boast about. In some cases it may only be how great the hot dogs are.

I also don’t do hole-by-hole analyses. They bore me when I read them and they bore me even more writing about them. It’s like listening to your golf buddy who calls you up and wants to replay every shot he hit in shooting that blistering 93 on his day off. Pass me a pillow I am nodding off just thinking about it. I like telling golfers about the odd really great hole and the “signature “ hole isn’t necessarily mine.

A great course for me starts with it being a par 72, I don’t like Par 70’s and can tolerate a Par 71 and dual par 36’s front and back is what its all about.

Just like the Old Course, where it all started.

I want my reviews to inform and guide, to direct you to, not away and in the end selfishly I must admit for you to say “you know what that Diamond Bill got it right……..again”

There are many little gems on Vancouver Island for me to tell you about that won’t make any “experts” Top 1000 list but following my aforementioned criteria you just may give them a try. I have just come back from Palm Springs so my first leap in the “review pool” will be Indian Wells Golf Resort and just remember I don’t write about the crappy ones.

Until then, Good Golfing!


An added bonus on any golf holiday making new friends, Joni and Brad from Edmonton, Alta here at Indian Wells Golf Resort, September 27th 2012

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Bill Flower is a passionate golfer and lover of the game who lives on Vancouver Island in Parksville, BC. He has played the game since the age of 10 and has spent many years in the golf business ranging from full time teaching pro to part time professional caddy, golf tour operator and golf writer. He loves to travel with his wife Myra up and down the west coast of the US playing and reviewing golf courses of all styles.

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