John Dudley, where you at ?

John Phillip Warren Dudley, Japan 1969


I worked with John Dudley at Rolling Hills, St George’s GC, King’s Inn and Lucayan Country Club.  We travelled with the Swing’s the Thing Golf Show.

John taught me to like country music.  I knew nothing about golf when I started as an assistant to Harry Allard at Rolling Hills, but I roomed with John, who was also a member at Rosedale GC.  On our occasional days off, we got to play Rosedale, often finishing the day playing up the 18th to a streetlight as our only target.  John loved Murray Tucker, the Rosedale professional.  Later, when I become Pro at Bayview CC, it was Murray Tucker that I called for advice, he was always “Mr Tucker” to John as well as myself.   John moved to St George’s and called me to apply for a job with Jerry Magee – once again we roomed together above the proshop at Canada’s finest club.

In the winter we worked in the Bahamas, at Kings Inn and then Lucayan CC.   Aside from learning the golf business from Obitz and Farley we got to work all winter.   John never drove until we bought a car together, a 1959 MGA.  The first test drive resulted in a 360 spin, “never spilled a drop” but with an hour he had the hang of it.  Later the same day he bought his first drivers license.   John was, and probably still is, the perfect gentleman.  While the rest of us had girl friends, John had many friends who were girls.  When we “mistreated” our girl friends, John sorted it out.

John, where are you?  John was Executive Director of the BC PGA, then working somewhere in BC.   I recall two daughters, they must be adults now.   Love to see you again

Little Gary (Gary Maue was Big Gary)



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  • Ronnie Babcock and myself sure do miss John as well and recall lots of good times.
    I was a back shop boy at Rosedale and John used to sneak into the back with us hoping that Murray wouldn’t catch him back there. He always came with a couple of ice cold Kit Kat bars for us club cleaners. He was a great friend to have and just a real treat to be around. He was dedicated to the game and never stopped learning so it’s a real surprise that he just sort of disappeared.

  • we’re still looking Bruce! Thousands of great memories with John Bob. I don’t think he’s disappeared, maybe he’s just upgraded his friends.
    Remember the pissgetti? Remember driving Ronnie’s car in low drive from Richmond to DC?

  • I think maybe we had too much fun back then. We may have been kicked out of a few spots but never spent time in jail. Sure do miss the good times; gave us lots of stories to tell that’s for sure.

  • I worked with the Obitz and Farley team at King’s Inn. John was a friend to my husband and me when we both got married. We were in touch for a few years. Divorce and time separated us.
    If you locate John I would love to hear from him. He was a dear friend with a great spirit.

  • Hello there! John Dudley has not disappeared…he’s my dad, and he’s alive and well and living in Aldergrove, BC, which is about 45 minutes east of Vancouver, BC. My name is Tracy Dudley and my sister is Lisa. My husband just happened to come across this write up today after we framed some of dad’s old photos from ‘The Swing’s the Thing’ for a father’s day gift. What a pleasure it is to read the wonderful things said about him here. I can tell you – he hasn’t changed and is still the great person and friend you remember him to be. He still plays golf all the time, and teaches golf clinics still to this day. He is, as always, a fantastic player. I just had my dad’s first grandchild 4 months ago, a little girl named Avery. I’m excited to pass these writings onto my dad in the morning. Gary, my dad speaks of you often, and it is always with warmth and fondness. He will be overjoyed to connect with you again. Thank you for your kind words. I feel so proud that my dad is still thought of so highly. Best wishes, Tracy

    • Hello Tracy. My name is Barry Denman and I was a junior member at St. George’s in Toronto. I have very fond memories of your dad. While he didn’t have a car, I did, so on his days off, he would arrange for us to play other courses, including Rosedale where his parents were members. If he is still alive and well, I would love to hear from him. My oldest son is a paramedic on Salt Spring Island, so I do visit BC from time to time.


  • I grew up living right next door to Mr. Dudley in aldergrove . Still remember the cherry blossoms and he loved his dogs . Bow andJasper if i remember .. glad to know him

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