I would like to thank the Alberta Healthcare System !     Canada’s healthcare gets a lot of knocks, usually from within the borders as the rest of the world is jealous of our wonderful systems (each province has different ways of saving us).

In the past two years I have become really impressed with the professionalism and care of the AHC.   I’ve read about delays and indifference but my family and I have had superb care for a variety of medical issues.   The SUN just ran a three part series on how bad the system is – everyone can have an opinion of course – but theirs was wrong.    Sure Canada’s system is expensive, but where else  should our country spend the money – Afghanistan?    Somalia?

All you need to prove how good Canada’s system is – go live in the US, or elsewhere, and then come back.   We lived in the UK, Scotland, and their system is almost as good as Canada’s.  People in the north of England actually wish they lived in Scotland, the Borders area is filled with English wanting to be Scots.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank the Doctors, nurses and many others who have kept us together.  Heck, next year I’ll shoot my age because of them!

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