Friday Faves: Callaway Razr X, FootJoy XPS-1, St. Thomas Golf

A continuing look at the cool things in golf that I get to take for a test drive…

Callaway Razr X: I’ve never really played Callaway irons — at least not in recent years. So when Scott Reid, the head of Callaway in Canada, contacted me and asked if I’d try out the clubmaker’s latest irons, I was skeptical. I’ve always seen Callaway as a game improvement company, and I thought of myself as a good player (at least in my own mind). Scott sent me to Barry Wallis to be fit at a time when I’ve been making some adjustments to my swing, trying to make my ball spin and balloon less. We settled on Callaway’s Razr X irons with Project X shafts. I took them to Tarandowah to work out on the range and was immediately struck my the flight — lower and more boring — and the fact I was longer with them than the AP2s I’d been playing. So I took them out for my next round and they’ve been in the bag since. I’ve since added a RAZR Fit driver and found it to spin less than the Ping G20 I’d been hitting. I’m impressed. Though the feel isn’t quite as soft as my AP2s, I don’t think I’ve lost much in that area with the change, though I’ve continued to keep my Vokey wedges in my bag. Overall, it is a real eye opener, and makes me wonder why Callaway has been struggling if its clubs are this good.

FootJoy XPS-1: I have ad admission to make — I have more golf shoes than my wife has shoes. Full stop. It is a bad scene. So it took my four months to crack open the box on the XPS-1 shoes that were sent from FootJoy earlier this year. SCOREGolf equipment guru Rick Young had praised the shoes during a round we played together, so I felt the need to try them. The shoes are designed to add stability to your swing, and for a guy that’s always had a lot of lateral movement, they seem to do the trick. Beyond that, they were super comfortable, with no break-in time. I simply wore them for a round and since then they’ve been my gamers. Another great FooyJoy product, though if I’m wearing pants when I play, I’ll still break out my MyJoy Icons.

The tremendous third hole at St. Thomas G&CC

St. Thomas Golf and Country Club: Yes, St. Thomas has had a tough year with its greens — but what a great course. I played it last week with a friend from out of town after not having been out to the course this year. Heat stress had hurt three or four greens, but that’s easy to overlook when a course is as good as St. Thomas. The best holes — 3, 8, 14, 15, 16, and 18 — are among some of the finest in the country. Membership, which was a struggle last year, has rebounded somewhat, largely based on the fact that the course is just that good. St. Thomas is classic parkland — built on meandering land with rugged valleys and interesting contour. There are few better courses in Canada. The club plans on undertaking significant tree reductions this fall, which will help the turf quality and playability. St. Thomas getting better? That’ll be interesting to see.

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  • Robert:

    It is amazing how brave some people will get when writing under an alias. I wonder every morning when I read comments from this particular person just who pissed in his Corn Flakes.

    As for the picture of the 3rd hole, hard to picture exactly what type of hole it is, I went onto the website and find it is 378 from the whites which I assume are the tees shown in the bottom left hand side of the photo and I think I can see the 150 marker, if that is the case nice looking hole, but on the other hand at first glance I thought it was a par three.

    I guess what I am saying is just looking at the photo did not tell me the story.


  • Hosi

    I concur with others. Your act is old and of no value (in my opinion). Maybe a thoughtful contribution would give you credibility. Otherwise, please leave.

  • Wally: I’d say the third hole at St. Thomas is one of the great difficult fours in the country, up there with the 9th at Toronto GC and the 7th at the National. It is a 400 yard par four with a creek running the length of the hole down the left. The tee shot can come with a fairway wood, but the approach is made more challenging by the pitch of the green — decidedly back-to-front — with the creek crossing in front. One of the hardest holes at St. Thomas and an interesting design to say the least.

  • I really enjoyed St. Thomas when I played in May this year, but I disagree with some of your favourite holes. 3 and 15 are difficult holes, but I don’t think they are some of the best in the country, I don’t even think they are the best on the golf course. Both are built on flat land that wouldn’t look out of place in Florida. They don’t even look like Thompson golf holes (because they aren’t) and are out of character with the rest of the beautiful, rolling land. I think holes 5 through 9 is the best stretch of golf at Union.

  • Actually, I’m a many trick pony.

    Did this one hit too close to home?

    Thompson, Logan, Weeks, Young – all cut from the same cloth; promoting products, places (especially PEI golf courses) to unsuspecting, naive golfers.

    I find it disgusting that the majority of so-called golf “journalists” in this country accept freebies and then promote the product.

    None of you are journalists. You write lovely, biased articles. You’re all shills for the manufacturers, golf course operators, golf tourism companies, etc.

    You are all advertorialists! Advertise on my site/magazine and I’ll write some nice.

    If you paid real money like the readers, we would all get unbiased views.

    How’s that for a thoughtful contribution, Weekend Enthusiast!!

  • Yawn.

    PEI? Come on. Gotta do better than that. Have you read my remarks on PEI? Clearly not. At least do you homework before slagging me off on that.

    And where did advertising influence what I write about? You are frankly full of shit — but that’s expected for a guy who doesn’t use his own name when insulting someone. Grow a pair.

  • Hosi:

    have you ever read anything from the other golf writers (Golf Digest or Golf Mag)?

    they are at a different club every day playing, and I am sure they do not pay for every round they play.

    Being in the golf industry, I would love to comp RT a round of golf and allow him to write about his opinion. You get free publicity, but if you’ve followed his writing at all, hes not afraid to be critical without being harsh. So if he gets free golf, and you get some free publicity from this site, is that not what it is for? Everyone knows what you’re getting into by letting a golf writer onto your track. And if his writing disgusts you that much, why waste your time reading it? Slag off and bury your self in a bunker somewhere. You must know Poulter with all your whining and complaining

    Must be as green as my putting surfaces that you didn’t think golf writing as a career for yourself!?!

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