The art of spinning — pureing catches on in Canada

Walking onto the range at Beacon Hall last week I was quite surprised to see a tour trailer parked on the end of the bent grass. I immediately recognized the trailer — its huge Mobile One logos are hard to miss — as the flagship of former Cherry Hills golf pro Jeff Roy, and Grant Taylor, a club maker from the St. Catharines area.

I’ve had my clubs “pured” for almost two years — since I ran into Roy in Toronto and he suggested I try out the technology. The premise is this — a company called SST developed a means of spinning a shaft until the firmest part is identified. In theory if you have that part of the shaft pointing forward you should have the truest ball flight. PGA Tour pros have been having their clubs pured for years — but until Roy bought a former tour trailer and hit the road with Taylor, I’d never actually seen it done in Ontario.

The reasons for that are simple — a “pure-ing” machine is very expensive and is careful controlled by SST. So few would invest in one, though there are variations on a theme out there. Anyway, two winters ago I handed off my set of Titleist AP2 irons to have them pured. The result was that I had one of my better ball striking seasons in several years. Coincidence? Could be — but it seems unlikely.

This became more readily apparent when I handed Roy my R11S TaylorMade driver on Friday. This is a club I’ve been fit for, but just didn’t hit all that well for whatever reason. After it was pured it was like a different club.

Truth be told, refinements like purring are the next step in golf club fitting. First people had to be convinced to have their clubs fit — now it is taking that process further through shaft technology, frequency matching and pure-ing.

Can I prove that puring works? No. But Mobile One’s stats showed that in the case of my R11S driver, the shaft was 92% out of optimal alignment. That might explain why it felt like a different club when I was done.

Check out a video on Mobile One — which tours to clubs all over the country this summer — below:

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