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When not battling over the quality of Blue Springs, I’m a busy writer these days. This morning my latest Global Golf Post column, on the situation involving the new LPGA tournament in Waterloo, is live:

Richard Kuypers is convinced the inaugural Manulife Financial LPGA Classic will be a success. And he’s confident despite a series of hurdles the new tournament has to overcome.
Kuypers, the tournament director for the Waterloo, Ont., event that kicks off June 21, is bullish that it will succeed both on and off the course. But even he admits there have been questions raised about the first-year event. Some of those questions center on the scramble to get the event together, which was first announced less than a year ago.
“The response has been really good,” says Kuypers, who came to the tournament from Golf Canada, where he was manager of professional championships. “Sure, there are some wondering about a first-year event, but there are going to be questions about any new tournament.”

The full column is here.  Oh, and you should subscribe to the online publication — it is free.

Over on Sympatico, readers are still debating Tiger Woods. My column this weekend involved a discussion with Sean Foley from a couple of weeks back. Interestingly, the debate has little to do with Foley or the column — it is more about whether people hate Woods or not. I frankly don’t understand the venom towards Woods. Most people who seem so angered by him have never met him, but their perspective makes it sound like he did something horrible to their sister. I’ve only met him a couple of times, but feel nothing towards him personally; rather I’m fascinated by what has happened to him and whether he can make a proper comeback. Signs these days point to the fact that isn’t likely to happen, but he did win a month and a half ago.

Finally, a couple of months ago I spent time with Sympatico sports editor (and big hitter) Matthew Parkinson testing the latest irons. See the writeup on this year’s irons here. 

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