Pete Dye (and me) at Casa de Campo

I had the chance to interview legendary golf designer Pete Dye yesterday at Casa de Campo. I’ll post the interview in coming days — we covered topics like modern golf design, tweaking his courses, the upcoming PGA Championship at Kiawah and a number of other points in a chat that last more than a half hour. Pete, for those of you who don’t know, is the designer behind the TPC at Sawgrass, Teeth of the Dog, and dozens of others. He was very generous with his time since he was in the Dominican to play in a big tournament with Whistling Straits owner Herb Kohler. I’ve interviewed him before, but this was the first time I’d met him.

Pete Dye standing in the clubhouse at Casa de Campo. My little guy, Liam McKenzie Thompson, watches on wondering why daddy is talking golf with someone older than his grandfather.

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  • If Liam gets the ‘golf bug’ when he gets older, he’ll definitely look at that photo one day and think it’s pretty damn cool. Great stuff.

  • RT- you are a classic. Sean Foley’s players have won 4 out of the 6 last events and no mention. Tiger is number 1 in every category and no mention. You are a typical d-bag blogger who’s envy makes you a spiteful critic. You are see through mate.

  • Bill: I wrote about Tiger for Sympatico, was on holiday last week and talked about Foley on CTV’s national news on Sunday night. If that makes me, in your words a “d-bag blogger,” than so be it.

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