Canadian Tour takeover; OMERS confirms Bebis is out

Interesting tweet from Kent Gilchrist, the Vancouver golf writer:

As I wrote in GolfWorld last month, and posted on G4G, the Canadian Tour has been struggling financially and wasn’t sure it would survive through to the end of the year. Commisioner Rick Janes even reached out to Mike Weir for help. Gilchrist indicates there’s a takeover in place, but I’m not sure that’s quite the case. The tour is actually a non-profit owned by the players, and I’m not sure you can actually do a takeover of a non-profit. Instead I suspect the players are being asked to consider some formal agreement with the tour that brings in additional money and aligns it with the new Q School structure (something¬†which I think is a mistake.)

The deal makes sense considering how badly in debt the tour has been — with little chance of bailing itself out. I’m sure this will be spun to try to indicate the Canadian Tour was somehow in the driver’s seat here — but there’s little evidence to demonstrate that. Still, good for Janes if he pulled this off. The Canadian Tour was in danger of folding otherwise, though somehow I don’t think it would have gone away entirely. Janes had long been trying to pull off a deal with the PGA Tour and now seems near to doing just that. It may not have been a deal struck from a position of power, but it is a deal nonetheless. Let’s see what the players say this week.


I broke the story of Stephen Bebis’ departure from GolfTown earlier this week, a full day ahead of most of my peers. OMERS has now confirmed that Bebis is history, though they won’t indicate why — which isn’t that unusual in business circles and was likely done for competitive reasons.

However, what’s not cool is the lack of anyone crediting G4G for the story. A prominent American golf blog is acting like they broke the story, while another Canadian golf blog didn’t link back to this site. Of course, there’s the likes of Flagstick which gave me a shout out. Thanks for that.

However, generally gone, apparently, are the days when blogs gave credit to those that actually broke news. No surprise I suppose. Okay, done whining. Back to work.



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  • OK RT, I will praise you. You seem to have your nose out of joint over this Bebis thing and your lack of recognition.

    You are great and wonderful. A credit to your profession. Weeks is the witty one, Rube the intellect but you are the sleuth. Golf Writers Award of the Year is on the line.

    Can’t wait for your next one. Be Merry!!!

  • Who cares who broke the story.

    Pompous, affected, boastful, pretentious……Only media hacks care. We, the general public, could care less about competitive infighting!

  • I know how you feel but like the Dad in Shit my Dad Says once said: “Son, no one gives a shit about all the things your cell phone does. You didn’t invent it, you just bought it.” The news is the story, not the guy who posted it first.

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