Sympatico: Williams is an idiot, but shouldn't get turfed

Thanks to John Daly for upstaging Steve Williams as golf’s biggest moron for the past week.

Anyway, for those still interested in Williams, this week’s column in Sympatico Sports addresses the issue of Tiger Woods’ former mouthy bag carrier:


Steve Williams might be insensitive. He might be a twit who speaks before he thinks. Heck, he might even be a racist.

But that doesn’t mean Australian golfer Adam Scott should turf the Kiwi looper after Williams made a questionable remark at a caddie function.

For those who have missed the ensuing maelstrom, last Friday Williams, speaking at a candid caddie awards dinner in Shanghai, was asked about his overly jubilant celebration following Scott’s August victory at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

Williams, who apparently thought his comments were on the QT and hush-hush, said this about his post-round excitement: “My aim had been to shove it right up that black a–.”

The biting remark was in reference to Tiger Woods, his long-time employer who unceremoniously fired Williams in July. No one is really surprised that Williams thinks Woods, once a close friend, is a horse’s ass. If that’s all Williams had said, it would have likely past without comment. But Williams, who has been known to make outrageous remarks throughout his career, including the specter of race, a no-no anywhere and certainly in professional golf, which has a history of racist behaviour to anyone who isn’t white.

The remainder of the column is here.  

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  • Steve Williams should face some form of punishment for his comments, especially given golf’s less than stellar reputation in the areas of discriminatory racial practices. He has received a slap on the wrist. This seems insufficient – regardless of whether his intention was humorous or not.

    Yes he apologized but it is too easy in today’s society to go offside, apologize and then carry on as is nothing happened. Well, something did happen. Inappropriate remarks were made in a public setting and no one is holding Williams accountable. This is an example of weak leadership within the golf industry.

  • Adam Scott needs to decide; does he keep him and keep playing well, or turf him because of his big mouth and go back to being an underachiever.

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