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In today’s GLOBE AND MAIL Lorne Rubenstein’s piece (not a column as it’s too infrequent) is about the dirth of coverage given Canadian professionals in the most recent PGA TOUR events. Lorne is right, as he always is, however I feel Golf Channel doesn’t deliberately ignore Canadian players – they try to cover as much of the tournaments as they can, and, like a race horse, the leaders get most of the coverage. I’ve been impressed with their efforts this year, it’s quite amazing how the coverage changes when they `go to the major networks`. Prior to NBC or CBS coverage I feel Golf Channel show far more golfers, once they wheel in Johnny coverage tends to be on the feature group, the leaders.

Good information is available on the whole field, online. covers mostly all of the players. However, wouldn`t it be nice if our Canadian newspapers and sports shows covered more professional golf, what an opportunity.
I subscribe to daily delivery of the GLOBE. I signed up hoping to get more golf (from Lorne or Roy) but alas, you`re lucky to find mention of our sport – although the sometimes show a scoreboard with familiar names in bolder type. You have to go to the PGA site, or the RCGA or SCORE online sites to get info.

Lorne mentions Kelly Tilghman saying Stephen Ames was struggling for an exemption which she was mistaken about. Interestingly when I was in Las Vegas last February my brother and I were in a Dicks store buying some Penta balls for his friend in Cayman. The cashier, having found out I was living in Calgary, asked if we had a DICKS in Alberta, other than Ames. Hopefully he will win the Disney event again next week.

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  • Couldn’t agree more!Nothing more than 2 lines in the sport’s ticker picked up by the local press off the national wire when Adam Hadwin was playing at the McGlardy’s.Being a local boy it was very suprising he didn’t get more that that in the Van.Sun & Provence newspapers.1 article before play began & that was itThis Kid from Abbotsford almost played his way to a PGA Tour card & there were 2 canadian’s in the hunt until Sunday but only their scores were posted.Yet if you do see any golf coverage at all It’s Tiger,Donald or other golfers having a good year picked up off the American wire.We do a very poor job of covering our own! I’m tired of seeing golf listed after women’s field hockey & Lawn Dart’s

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