Field Test: The Powerchute

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I have worked on my game for years and though I have it down to a single digit handicap (9.0) I am stuck here because a lack of distance handcuffs me.  I recently had a chance to field test the Powerchute. It’s design is simple.  You can carry it in your bag with no added weight.  You can pop it on and off your driver in no time.  Most importantly, using the Powerchute helps you ingrain the proper timing in your swing.  It gets your hands in the right position coming through the ball and it creates real lag which means more club head speed and more distance!

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Steve Waxman

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  • I bought a powerchute and tried it the other day. After swinging with it on my driver for a half dozen times I experienced a whole different feeling with the device off the club.. I almost lost my balance when swinging with it off the club. I then proceeded to attempt to hit a ball and found my swing was all screwed up… I normally hit the center of the fairways on just about all my drives.. only problem is that I have no distance only about 200 yds. I usally score around 80 to 84 but thought with a few extra yards maybe I could lower that somewhat. I think I may have totally destroyed my swing tempo with that contraption. hopefully I will attempt to use it a few times to give it a fair test, but I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling about it!

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