Weir Back with Former Swing Coach

Mike WeirInteresting to see Mike Weir talking with The Globe’s Lorne Rubenstein about how his move away from Mike Wilson wasn’t working (I wonder how he came to that conclusion…) and that he’s back working with his former swing coach for a third time:

“I’m looking at Augusta as one tournament in a building process. I’m not going to put pressure on myself. What I’ve been doing wasn’t working, but I feel I’m on the right track now. It’s been very difficult, but I’m excited about Augusta already. I know I’ll hit it better there. Whether I’ll hit it great, I don’t know. But I know I’ll hit it forward and not sideways. If I play great there, it will be a bonus.”

I wonder if Wilson feels like a girlfriend who can’t get a commitment? How long until Weir’s wandering eyes see some other coach who offers a quick fix for his swing? Let’s see, he’s gone from Stack and Tilt, to Wilson, to David Leadbetter, to Jim Flick to (reportedly) Jack Nicklaus and now back to Wilson. Oh, and that’s in four years. Yep, you need a program to keep track of Weir’s swing coaches.

I don’t think anyone is expecting anything out of Weir at this point, and making the cut at Augusta seems less than likely given his recent play. Rubenstein’s column mentions Weir was at Seminole in Florida looking at the course (and taking pictures, which I thought wasn’t allowed…) in preparation for his work with designer Ian Andrew at Laval. G4G spies tell me that deal is finally nearing completion and that the project will move forward this fall.

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  • Good news for Mike!
    I picked up a book “TRAINING A TIGER” by Earl Woods, $2.00. Ask Lorne to ask Sean Foley if he wants to buy it. $200.00

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