The Golf Lab – Toronto, Canada

There’s a new golf training facility opening in Toronto that has anything and everything that you would want for the performance of your game.  The GolfLab has put together the best technology for practice, training, and clubfitting that can measure the necessities in your swing, putting stroke, equipment, and physical fitness.  The facility has such a WOW factor, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Each practice bay is equipped with a FlightScope launch monitor and cameras measured at precise angles to capture each swing where you can view on the plasma monitors.  The integration of KVEST 3D body monitoring is available for practice when you or your coach sees fit and members receive a USB hard drive key which keeps all your data for you on each swing for each session – and so does the GolfLab – able to collect an enormous amount of swing information.

There is one unique teaching bay that has a few more toys.  They have a Science In Motion ForcePlate which measures your movements throughout the swing, a monitor specific for the KVEST movement analysis, a Trackman Launch Monitor, and a 4 camera capture system including one from above.  When it’s all put together, you start to see bigger patterns and begin improvement from any angle.

Just when you thought they couldn’t do anymore… the PATIO putting table.  An amazing roll with SAM Putt Lab Pro analysis system with a touch screen monitor.  The putting table is on hydraulics for tilting options.  Patent Pending?

The facility comes equipped with a physical fitness area that looks like a crossfit room hit a boxing gym where the professional staff line up would challenge a PGA tour trailer including physical screens, body treatments, and strength training – all measured with your golf swing analysis.  The club building lab has digital analysis for puring and spining for the ultimate fit and build, including some customizing options like stamping, grinding, and colored paint filling.

The key word to this place is Measurement and if you’re not busy Saturday March 26th between 10 and 2, I highly recommend stopping by for a tour for the Grand Opening to get a real Wow.

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  • Just returned from Sea Island and took a putting lesson with Mike Shannon…WOW He mentioned the Golf Lab as a great resource
    in the GTA

  • need appointment for club fitting and swing analysis. time and cost, etc. would be helpful. roy 519 397 0928

  • This facility looks promising. This year, me and my wife have decided to start learning how to play and I’m considering choosing between one of the golf courses for beginners in Torontoand the golf lab. I’m looking for something that offers a nice balance of easier and more difficult for a couple of beginners. Let’s face it: golf in and outside of Toronto is unusually expensive and not always justified.
    Any advice welcome!

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