Golf Lab Brings A Different Training Approach To Toronto

Mad Scientists? Liam Mucklow (left) and Doug Lawrie stand in the Golf Lab in Vaughan, which has its grand opening March 26.

I’ve been a fan of Liam Mucklow since he told me in 2009 that my Titleist AP2s needed to be swing weighted differently. That may sound insignificant, but he took a very different approach to setting up my irons. It led me to believe Mucklow had a different thought process when it came to golf. It may sound like a cliche, but he was thinking outside the box. At the time Mucklow was working alongside Bruce McCarrol at Bond Head, but would move to Taboo as the uncertainty about Bond Head grew. Now Mucklow, who played professionally in Asia, has created The Golf Lab,an impressive indoor facility in Vaughan that I visited last month. The facility includes state-of-the-art physical training and assessment, as well as club fitting and a short game area. It also offers hitting areas where each player can track their shots using Shotlink. Yep, it is ambitious and impressive.

Mucklow took some time to answer some questions on the facility:

G4G: What is the Golf Lab and what are you offering? Who is involved?

Mucklow: The Golf Lab is a game improvement facility.  We are truly unique in that we offer the golfer world class service in all areas related to Game Improvement.  This is the first time the golfing public will have the opportunity to be treated like touring professionals for any service the require.  With our incredible facility and technology matrix we are able to offer Instruction, Self Guided Learning, Club Fitting, Putter Fitting, Club Customization and Tuning, Short Game Learning Area, Golf Specific Fitness Programs, and Golf Specific Physiotherapy.  I am the President of the company and have Doug Lawrie, Kyle Freer, and Kyle Gordon as my team of Canadian PGA Professionals.  We also have Mike Thompson on board as our Clubmaker, Josh Bishop as our Personal Trainer, and Heather Tennant as our Physiotherapist.

G4G: How did the idea develop?

Mucklow: The Golf Lab is my brainchild, it is a culmination of my experiences around the world as a professional golfer over the last decade.  I have taken all the unique tools that I was given access to because of my ability and put together an environment that will help everyone from the Professional to the Beginner realize their potential and have fun doing it.

 G4G: What advantages does this offer over typical indoor facilities?

There are three key things that separate us from any other indoor facility in the world.  

1)  We are the first facility to take a holistic approach to getting better.  Any golfer out there knows that they are only as good as their weakest link.  It only seems natural to build a place that allows us to cater to any aspect of a golfers Skill Set.  

2) The second biggest advantage we have is the power of objective data.  The Golf Lab’s proprietary Course Capture System have given us the largest sample of on-course performance characteristics ever collected.  Through this we can accurately set baseline performance objectives and quantify each and every individuals improvement.

3) We are open to the Public!

 G4G:  Do you have a green grass affiliation? Will people still use the facility in the warmer months?

Mucklow:  Yes and No.  The Course Capture System is going to be deployed to 30 facilities across the country.  This is going to allow The Golf Lab to accurately paint a picture of golfer performance from Coast to Coast.  The Flagship in Vaughan will still be busy in the summer, but more so on the service end than the practice end.  The Learning environment we provide is second to none and our technology matrix provides golfer with a learning experience that cannot be duplicated outside.  We also provide such a unique Club Fitting experience that every serious golfer will want to get their equipment tuned here.  The Golf Lab does not offer any instruction services at Green Grass facilities.

G4G: Where do you see Golf Lab heading? 

Mucklow: The Golf Lab is setting out to redefine the way golfers learn and the way teachers teach.  Never before has a company had their finger more on the pulse of on-course performance of the general public.  It is an exciting time as technology has finally reached a point where we can accurately measure baseline performance indicators and correlate the factors that lead to improvement. Our goal is to continue to expand our Data Collection efforts, we just recently launched in Florida, and expand our Bricks and Mortar facilities to metropolitan areas across Canada.

More info can be found at The Golf Lab.

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  • This is awesome! Where in Vaughan is this located?

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  • Congrats to the ownership and staff of this new facility. Doug is a proven Director/GM and it has showed in what he brought to the City of Mississauga and Braeben.

    Well done Doug

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