Delaet: No Time on Return

Weyburn, Sask.'s Graham DeLaet will miss at least the first three months of the PGA Tour season.

So I opened my Toronto Star today — I get the paper for free for some reason — and flipped to the ever-shrinking sports section. Now there’s basically never any golf in the Star — the paper didn’t even have an article on the final of the Accenture Match Play this past weekend — so I didn’t expect anything. But there on one of the inside pages was a piece on Weyburn, Sask.’s Graham DeLaet, who is out recovering from back surgery after finishing at #100 on the PGA Tour’s money list last year. Now I’d love to be able to point you to the story online, but you can’t find it anywhere on the Star’s site — and the golf section hasn’t been updated since last week. And execs wonder why people have stopped buying newspapers. Maybe it is time for the country’s largest paper to actually hire someone to cover golf…

Anyway, Ian Hutchinson had the same story a couple of days earlier (Score’s Bob Weeks had it last week…) so this is what DeLaet had to say, though it doesn’t sound hopeful for a return any time soon:

“I think I’m ahead of the curve with the majority of the people who have had my surgery, according to my surgeon and my physical therapist,” he said.

“I was pretty fit going into it, so I think that helped a little bit. I still have a little bit of work to do. I need to bulk up a little bit. I lost quite a bit of weight during the whole process. I’ve got about half of it back now.

“I need to rebuild in my legs from not using them, basically, for a month-and-a-half, two months,” he said.

“Because right now it’s so day-to-day, we can’t really set any kind of date for (a return) yet. I can definitely tell you that every week, it’s definitely getting better,” said DeLaet.

I guess I’m wondering what the timing is on the stories — after all, DeLaet isn’t going to be playing anytime soon. Maybe they are appearing because the other Canadians on the PGA Tour have basically been non-existant…

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