Trump’s Boorish World of Golf

Donald Trump

MAAA-TIN, is the hole playing into the prevailing wind? Where's the waterfall going?

A few months ago, while sitting in a hotel room in Conneticut, I flipped on a show called Donald J Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf. The show, which I’d always flipped by, featured Trump at his “billion dollar” golf resort in Scotland that was under construction. Needless to say Trump was odious, obnoxious, but like a train wreck I couldn’t turn away.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks back and the second season of the show kicked off with Trump’s return to Scotland, this time to see the course as architect Martin Hawtree (the architect behind Tarandowah Golfers Club, or “MAAAA-TIN” as Trump calls him) takes it to completion. Along the way Trump makes a big show of firing superintendent Paul O’Connor, which leads to this week’s column on Sympatico entitled, Donald J. Trump’s Nasty Boorish World of Golf. The column can be found at Sympatico Sports, and here’s a little something something to get you interested:

If it title reflected its actual content, the golf “reality” program on Golf Channel would be called “Donald J. Trump’s Boorish and Nasty World of Golf.”

For the last two years Trump, the New York real estate mogul, has allowed – or more likely directed – cameras to follow him as he engages the world of golf. It is the most recent ploy by Trump to build up his already massive ego, following his first foray into television with “The Apprentice,” where he fired potential protégés more successfully than he ever mentored a new executive. As ratings dropped, “The Apprentice” faded into a hodge-podge of third-rate celebrities all kissing Trump’s golden backside in an attempt to kick-start their faltering careers.

Now Trump has turned his cameras on his golf empire, if an empire consists of a handful of good – but hardly great – golf courses scattered around the U.S. His program, “Donald J. Trump’s Fabulous World of Golf,” which airs on the Golf Channel, appears as a half-hour infomercial for one man’s ego. Its first season was spent watching The Donald chase around a group of mainly B-list celebs and retired athletes as they played a series of matches at his clubs. It was neither insightful nor entertaining, so Golf Channel mixed it up to focus more on how Trump runs his golf business, including a new “billion dollar” resort he’s building near Aberdeen, Scotland, despite the protests of environmentalists, local politicians and those who live near the project.

In turning the camera on himself, Trump has proven himself to be the biggest caricature of the nefarious capitalist robber baron since “The Simpsons’” Mr. Burns. And, apparently, that’s how he likes it.

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