Winter Work Drill #3

The last drill was a lead arm only pitch shot which helps improve the rhythm of your swing. Golfers will all have different tempos but rhythm is more like sequencing and because of this it took some of my students longer than expected to feel more comfortable with this exercise. The majority of the feedback had to do with the club feeling lighter because the reps made them stronger.

This next drill is one that I was taught when I started playing the game and later noticed it as a popular drill for other instructors, including Jim McLean who highlighted it in a Golf Digest drill book, and Sean Foley who noted this drill in his DVD, The Next Generation. The purpose of this drill is to improve stability and balance where the goal is to increase your swing speed to the point that you don’t fall over!

With my HD camera in the hands of the trusted and qualified repair department a Casio Canada, the video is an example from a few years ago. There are only a few key points to this drill because ultimately you will be limited to movements that are comfortable so that you can retain your balance.

SETUP: 7 iron

* Ball position in a Driver position off the front foot
* Trailing leg is extended back with the toes on the ground to restrict it from moving and ‘wagging’


* The goal is a full backswing, but you can go the length you feel most comfortable with to start.
* Don’t fall over!


* Balanced without a Gary Player type of step through
* Increase your swing speed without sacrificing balance or rhythm

By now, after a few weeks of swinging with each of your hands individually, you should have a clearer feel and understanding of your impact position. Your arms may feel a little stronger, the club may feel lighter, and your impact a little heavier.

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