The Fall of Tiger Woods

Tiger WoodsStumbled across this website today that lists headlines of Tiger Woods’ descent over the last year. And yes, it is nothing to spit at…

That said, I wrote a quick post on this on the Sympatico site yesterday where I write my weekly golf columns. Within a couple of hours there were more than 50 comments with people saying Woods should be banned from the “gentleman’s game,” through to others saying baseball players spit all the time and no one seems concerned.

I must admit I think this is a whole lot of nothing. Sure, Woods spits on the green on a windy hot day in Dubai. He wasn’t spitting tobacco juice or tossing a smoke on the green. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a big hunk of phlegm on the green that Alvaro Quiros had to putt through, though I can see it now: “Si, Alvaro, the break is just past the big hunk of snot someone coughed up on the green…”

If Woods had won the event this would have been a non-issue, but since he shot 75 on the final day he’s being picked apart now like one of those formaldehyde frogs in a Grade 11 biology class. I’ve said it before – he needs to show he can win again to put this behind him. I think the bigger issue is that he’s had shot at closing tournaments on Sunday in his last three events — and hasn’t managed to win any of them. The old Tiger would have stomped his competition, winning at least two of them by 5 strokes.

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