Is It Spring Yet?

My go-to golf store closed last month.

As if Calgary’s winter didn’t seem long enough already, I now have to spend a bit more time on snow-covered roads to test-drive clubs that I can’t afford, try on clothes that I don’t need or toy with gadgets that’ll only add weight to my already-overfilled golf bag.

To make matters worse, I walked into a Golf Town location a few days after my old stand-by locked its doors and, just a few steps from the checkouts, noticed a selection of snow brushes for sale. (No word on whether ice-scrapers are now eligible for the annual re-gripping event.) When I asked one of the employees about the seemingly out-of-place item, he shrugged and simply replied, “it’s something that everybody needs.” That seemed like a logical explanation, at least until I started to count the number of times I’ve walked out of that exact same store — and countless others like it — with stuff that I absolutely didn’t need. Such is life as a self-admitted golf nut, I guess.

The good news is, I’m not alone.

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