The Creation of Pure Golf: Eagles Nest Book

I was putting this in my golf book collection today and recognized that I’ve never actually referenced it here. Yes, the Eagles Nest book, which I wrote early last year, came from the printer in early December. The book was commissioned by the partners who operate the golf course north of Toronto, and I’m very pleased at how it turned out. The concept was to provide detail on how the land for the course was acquired and the process of building the course. With that in mind there are plenty of photos of the course in development, some great sketches from former Carrick Design associate Cam Tyers, and over 100 pages on the 18 holes that make up the course, with descriptions of how each was created by the central figures involved. You can find the book at the Eagles Nest golf shop, if you’re interested. The foreword was written by Lorne Rubenstein.

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  • “…detail on how the land for the course was acquired…”

    Does that include detail on the payment of a $100K+ fine after pleading guilty before the Ontario Court of Justice to 432 charges of violating the Regional Municipality of York Regional Tree Bylaw?

    Just wondering.

  • Bill: It does talk about the fine, which is sort of ridiculous. They had been given approval to remove the trees in the initial planning, but the powers that be held up the final permits for months. They were to receive the permits, but they were simply delayed by some sort of bureaucratic nonsense. Instead of having the trees hold up the entire project, they cleared the area that is now the sixth hole, resulting in the fine. Considering what a mess most of the area that is now Eagles Nest was before they built the course, these sorts of fines seem ridiculous.

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