It'll Take More than Twitter to Get Tiger To B.C.

Strange story doing the rounds that I initially tried to ignore. However, regular mainstream media seem to think it is a story that some Vancouverites are trying to get Tiger Woods to come to the RBC Canadian Open in July. Problem is that Woods never plays the week after a major — and the Canadian Open falls the week week after the British Open. Strange what is considered news these days:

 “I think there’s nothing like a personal message and knowing that your fans — hopefully your fans en mass … are sending you messages saying we want you in Vancouver, we want you at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club,” Jeff Ciecko, owner of golf marketing firm CK Golf Solutions, told Global News.

I guess it is harmless, but I’m not sure how tweeting at Tiger will make him come to Vancouver. He’s ignored Canada (with the exception of a couple of corporate outings) since 2001 — why would it change now?

 Apparently Ciecko sees it as possible positive PR for Tiger. Not sure this is what IMG were counting on when they hired all those communications experts:

“He needs a PR boost, and we think an appearence or an annoucement of an appearence would do a lot for him right now,” Ciecko said.

I’m thinking of starting my own impossible Twitter campaign — I’d rather have a 71-year old Jack Nicklaus return for the Canadian Open. How about a Twittering Golden Bear campaign?

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  • Robert,

    Jeff is trying but you’re right, it’s going to take more to get past the barriers that are in front of Tiger and him playing at Shaughnessy. Once he didn’t defend in 2001 you knew he wasn’t going to play in the event ever again.

    As for his PR, is he really that concerned with it? He continues to act like a grown baby on the course after he promised a change in attitude last year.

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