Tiger's Bimbo Bash: "He's welcome to come on it and have free cocktails."

And the stories keep getting more ridiculous. First there is Barbara Walters not putting Tiger Woods on her “most fascinating list.”

“We try to keep it positive,” Walters said.

Fred Couples, taking the appearance money to show up in Australia this week, also weighed in on Tiger. As an aside, is there any golfer who compromised his career more in the search of cash than Fred Couples? He must rank up there with the most talented golfers who delivered the least in their career. Anyway, Freddie had this to say (source):

“When Tiger gets going again our (US PGA) Tour will get going at a better rate,” Couples said ahead of his appearance at this week’s Australian Open in Sydney.

“We were blessed to have him come on about 12 years ago and dominate and sponsorships, everything went up.

“He was here (in Australia) two weeks ago and I’m sure there was a buzz, but maybe not as much as before because he hasn’t won two majors and seven other tournaments this year.

“He’s still the same golfer, just not playing like he did last year for a lot of reasons.

“One would be his golf game, but another would be a lot of emotions going on, a lot of tough times, and I personally think next year if everything is going okay in his life he’ll turn his game around and start playing better.”

Then there’s this tale about Tiger’s alleged mistresses having their own get together this week in LA. I guess it is kind of like an opposite field event, the bimbo version of the Reno-Tahoe Open.

The get-together will reportedly be hosted by Holly Sampson, Jamie Jungers, and Joslyn James at a Los Angeles restaurant.
The party will celebrate the one-year anniversary of Woods’ car crash at his Orlando home that led to more than 15 women coming forward to claim that they had had affairs with the billionaire sportsman.

I think the restaurant’s owner is unlikely to see the guest of (dis)honor:

The restaurant’s owner Routz Yaz told RadarOnline: ‘It’s going to be a great night. I’m excited to have the girls here.
“We’re going to have signature cocktails, great music and complete blast as only Holly, Jamie and Joslyn can throw. Tiger is also welcome to join the party.”
He added: ‘And since he’ll be at the country club right down the street, he’s welcome to come on it and have free cocktails on the house.”

Oh, and in case you are interested, Woods is hosting his golf tournament this week. Hopefully he demonstrates some return to form, the first step in making all of these stories start to disappear.

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  • I’ve always been of the opinion that Couples was only ever interested in money — and is likely one of those players who achieved the least given their relative talents.

    Look at what Couples has done — one major — The Masters — despite his touch and length. However, he always showed up in silly season events, chasing cash where he always played well. Too bad those great appearances didn’t happen in June or July. Of course, there’s also his course design work, where he mailed in his so-called “designs,” putting his name on the work of Gene Bates and other architects, regardless of the quality, but that is another matter.

    Given his troublesome back, one has to wonder what he might have done had he dropped all the ridiculous off-season events and just concentrated on winning. Of course the back complicated matters and his putting late in his career hurt him on a couple of occasions.

  • I personally don’t think his back is as big of a problem as he claims. I also agree that he should have won more times and done better in majors. However, I don’t think you can chalk him up to be an under acheiver. He does have over 160 career top ten finishes, 26 being in majors.

    I don’t think the reason you see him in so many silly season events is because he is hungry for cash. I think he is invited simply because the fans want to see him.

    As for his design business. I don’t think it is a staple of his income, regarless of how little you say he is actually involved. Maybe Bates benefits from the association more than Couples. Maybe you should start slagging him for being money hungry.

  • Rob,
    Your perspective on Couples is a bit off. Fred is just a carefree guy who has never been motivated like those real great players. Sure he likes to win and his talent allowed him to win a major without having the work ethic, dedication and disciplines that is essential for others to win majors. He doesn’t enjoy the pressure and the responsibility and he’d be the first one to admit he doesn’t have the commitment to being one of the great players in the game that many think he should be.
    He is not motivated by money… he’s got a ton of it… big cash flows in ever so easy for Fred… he would never want or need to search for it. It’s a simple feeling of him having more freedom in the silly season than he has in major championships. Couples should be the guy called the “Big Easy”.

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