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I seldom watch Fox because Glen Beck might be on, however I just saw a news report where they said Mexico now has more homicides than Iraq.   This is annoying because to my simple mind the 27,000 people killed in Mexico and a similar number in Iraq (in the past ten years) were mainly killed because of the US drug demands and the US search for Ben Ladin.  If drugs were legal the US could tax them and Mexico could go back to being a safe place to golf – they have many great courses and wonderful hospitality.

A couple years ago when I was helping with the Mayakoba PGA Tourney I was surprised to find two things I hadn’t known (usually I find out on Jeopardy).  Mexico charges a 700% duty on CHINESE imports.  The Greg Norman shirts we wore as uniforms had to be sent back for new labels to avoid the duty.  And then we went to Walmart (my first visit to a Walmart) and my American associates were surprised that all of the merchandise was from Canada and the US.  I have since visited Walmart in Calgary and its appears to be 99% from China.  Mexico seems to be the only NAFTA partner trying to help North America survive.

Remember NAFTA, the deal made 15 years ago between Mexico, Canada and the USA.  Well China has certainly changed that ball game while Mexican and Canadian exports to the US have decreased since 2005, China’s imports to the US and Canada have surged.  No politican has the balls to slow the flood.   The US Congress has thwarted almost every effort Mexico has tried to make to increase legal trade to the US, the most costly is the ability of Mexican trucks to be inspected and then operate north of their border. Somehow Mexico is managing to make a lot of cheap (small) cars, which is a good thing for their future.

Anyway it has not much to do with golf so I’ll go back to watching TV.  But I do remember a few years ago when my clubs came from California, after being polished and assembled in Mexico.  Now most of our high end clubs and golfing equipment comes from China.  It has killed the knock off business, the factories are too busy making the clubs to make copies.

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