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I’m really excited to have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts  on Canadian Golfer.  I hope that I can give some of my personal insight into how I see the game from a performance point of view.  The game of golf is so dynamic because it seems like more we try the harder things come.  I think most of us can say that when we hole out on the 18th hole and finish up a great round, that it was easy.  Our decisions were simple, we left the ball in good places, and the ball seemed to find the bottom of the cup when normally it just misses.  How can we teach or advise someone to go play ‘easy golf’?  Maybe that’s the answer! 

I like to look at golf with so many different glasses on.  The physical side of golf is very interesting to me because I think that there are numerous ways to swing the golf club but there are very few ways that we can use our bodies most effectively, which is why I think balance, tempo, and finish position has been a popular curriculum for juniors and beginners.  The benefits of physical fitness are obvious but the positive side effects are increased focus, concentration, and in some cases, determination and drive!  The ‘mental game’ is quite new and I believe that people have to work with the specialist that can help them where they need it most because there are so many facets to this:  life planning, game planning, preparation, pre shot routine, self talk, self image, self awareness… see the trend?  Every golf instructor has a different teaching approach and so do the professionals who help players with their mental performance.  Personally, I admire all the different ways golfers swing the club and it’s fun to figure out what parts of their swing work together because I would rather not rip off a golfer’s bandaid and let the bleeding start.  I encourage my players to swing with conviction because this is a sport and our goal is to hit the ball hard, chase it down, and hit it again. Remember, we’re trying to make this game easier.

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