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I wanted to use this opportunity to announce that I have a video featured on the Golf Channel Website at ; The video in question is a very good look at how the human skeletal system is so perfectly adapted to play all kinds of sports including golf.  If you respect first and foremost how the body was designed to move and be moved by the right focus, as well as respect gravity and centrifugal force, then you start from a great place to learn from.  We discuss how the arm-club unit coordinates with the body and how certain swing theories don’t hold up when we know what the spine was actually designed to do.  There is also a terrific web tip after the lesson that will give you the tools to find the right distance control when hitting the 40 to 60 yard pitch shot over a difficult obstacle like a bunker.  Enjoy!

Please make sure you give the video a thumbs up if you like it; especially since you would be encouraging a fellow Canadian professional!

Below is another video that demonstrates how the arms coordinate with the body but from a nice overhead view;

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