Score’s Top 100 cont’d

41.  Glencoe (AB)  change with 50

42.  King Valley: first of the over the top clubs, started the competition for stealing members from traditional private clubs, maybe top 75

43:  Copper Creek:  untested by moi

44:  Le Geant (Q): not as good as Boischatel (Royal Quebec)

45:  Dakota Dunes (S): can’t wait to play it, heard nothing but good stuff

46:  Brantford GC:  one of NA’s oldest clubs, Moe’s favourite, top 25

47.  Kananaskis Lorette (AB): same as 30, like them both, wish Ontario had mountains

48.  Deerhurst Highlands:  should be top 25, better Cupp course than Beacon Hall but may be too tough for the Score raters (and resort golfers)

49.  Scarborough GC:  great old lady of Toronto golf, historic, fun, about time it was in the top 50

50.  Calgary GC: trade with 40     Alberta has more golfers who can afford to play than anywhere I know, and not enough good clubs.

51.  Rosedale GC: another great private club, some Ross design still showing

52.  Cobble Beach: new to me

53.  Fox Harbour (NS):  good GM Jamie Miller, and good location, have not seen it but heard good things from friends

54.  Chateau Whistler (BC): nice but not sure if top 75 (good Dir of Golf)

55.  Le Diable (PQ):  my wife liked it, but is it top 100?

56.  Nicklaus North (AB): mailed in design, top 100?

57.  Oakdale:  should be top 40, they have to spread out Ontario courses as Score is a national magazine!

58.  Priddis Green (AB): may be top 100, played it twice and I’m not sure but Robert Thompson liked it.

59.  Predator Ridge (AB): great scenic course, top 75 for sure

60. Bear Mountain (BC):  will check it out in September

61. London Hunt:  great golf course, should be top 35 and hosting tour event every five years. 

62.  Salmon Arm:  check in September, is it in BC?

63.  Bell Bay (NS): best service in the maritimes, 17 good holes, great vistas.  With 18 good holes it would be top 50

64.  St Thomas:  another really good Ontario course, top 30 except for one hole

65.  Heron Point:  good newer design, 65 is about right but I wouldn’t leave Brantford to play it.

66.  Essex GC:  the best reason to visit Windsor, a great flat course that gets better every time you play it, should be top 50!

67. Angus Glen South:  OK if you like fairways shaped by 50 yard wide dozer, too much nitrogen.

68.  Heritage Point’s Desert and Heritage (AB):  I’ve played it a few times with Chuck Shields so I better be nice (Isn’t that how all these courses get votes, people being nice?).  I like all of the Desert Course and some of the Heritage.

69.  Osprey Valley – Hoot:  haven’t played it but heard it is good, except for the name.

70.  Deer Ridge:  about right placement, another good Kitchener course.

71. Magna:  I don’t like flat dark green fairways and gatehouses but many do. It reminds me of its founder.

72.  Mount Bruno (Q): exclusive, international and perfect!  Could be next to Royal Montreal.

73.  Ridge at Manitou and  74. Big Sky: no idea where they are, someone does.

75. Bayview:  If this is the Bayview in Markham, great!  This is one of the best family clubs (Donalda might be the best) with a great membership, and the best Reg Acombe design.  It’s had a fine first 50 years and many more I hope.

76.  Wooden Sticks:  good course and friendly team, might be 76.

77.  Eagle Ranch: no idea.

78.  Marine Drive (BC): I loved the bumpy fairways and enjoyed playing it with Moe two days in a row.  Might be top 70 but should share with University Club. also in town and a fun course!

79.  Summit GC:  how it can be out of the top 35 beats me, Summit is everything a Canadian course should look like (except for the one really good short par four that some idiot decided was too close to the Stouffville side road.  What came first, the course or the road.  Summit is what Beacon Hall should look like.

80.  Sunningdale:  I used to love playing London Sunningdale, suffers from the same thing, too many good Ontario courses.  London Highlands is also better than at least 40 courses in this top 100, but didn’t get a sniff.

81.  Maple Downs:  glad to see “the Ups” in the top 100, should be top 50, but maybe Lorne couldn’t vote for his home course.

82.  and 83.  Black Bear Ridge and Eagle Creek   No idea where or what they are.

84. Riverside (NB or Q?)   If this is in New Brunswick it is great, if it’s in Aylmer Quebec it isn’ too bad either.  Both are top 100 courses, and bilingual.

85. Laval (Q): I enjoyed it in the 70s, not sure if it’s top 100, probably.

86.  Beaconsfield (Q): like it better than Laval but not as much as Royal Quebec.

87.  Royal Mayfair (AB):  nice course, but is it Edmonton’s best?

88.  Lookout Point:  should be top 40 and Cherry Hill should be top 60.  Used to love the ups and downs of Lookout Point.

89.  Thornhill GC:  Once again should be lower but has that being in Ontario problem.

90.  Burlington GC: same as 89 but is improving every year.  Home of Mike Fraser, a fun course on the edge of Lake Ontario.

91.  Cataraqui:  Really should be top 25, one of Stanley Thompson’s best private clubs.  Where Conrad Black should be playing.  And speaking of rapids, why isn’t Whirlpool GC in the top 100?

92.  Northern Bear:  isn’t that 56 or am I mixing up my Bears.  

93.  Radium Springs: don’t know it.

94.  Mad River:  Should be at least 30 courses lower than Beacon Hall.  Mad River has so many great holes and lead the rush to Collingwood.  One of Bob Cupp’s best courses, pure golf (great draught beer).

95.  Tarandowah:  no idea, is it in Wales?

96.  King’s Forest:  nice to see it mentioned but Kawartha would be a better choice for 96.   

97.  Westwood Plateau (BC): I’ve heard it’s not so good but have not played it.

98.. Pine Ridge:  is this the new name for St Charles?

99.  Wildfire:  It’s not in Muskoka but looks like it.  98 is about right.

100.   The Club at Bond Head -South:  I have heard that it is good but tries too hard to be the next Angus Glen.

CANADA has a lot of good courses and SCORE has a tough time making a list of the Top 100.  But I am sure there are a million golfers who will tell them where they went wrong.

our first hole, on The Best Course You Have Never Played!

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  • If you’re coming to BC in September and playing Salmon Arm (good choice) I recommend playing Fairview Mountain in Oliver as well. Should be in the Top 100.

  • Eagle Creek is west of Ottawa, owned by Club Link, considered best course in Ottawa by many. Tarandowah is just outside London On in Avon, score golf had it top 3 new courses in Ontario in 2005 (or around there), its a inland links style course, probably my favorite course.

  • If you plan a trip to Invermere area of BC (about three hours out of Calgary) you could play Eagle Ranch, Radium, and Greywolf.

    Black Bear Ridge is in Belleville and Eagle Creek is in Ottawa (Used to hold the CDN Tour championship a few years back)

  • Northern Bear #91?? What are those Score golf guys smoking… it is a pitiful course in horrible condition in the middle of nowhere. And the Royal Mayfair is a just plain old style course with few noteworthy holes, that was in brutal condition in 2010. BTW Both Blackhawk and Wolfcreek are not worthy of top 25 courses… they are not that good (not even close, but methinks the owner of both has some pull with the Score course ranking folk, and he has for years).

    • DEE (and others)
      I have to agree with you on Northern Bear, and my friends in Alberta also second your comments on Wolfcreek and Blackhawk. We started to go to one of them and they steered me to D’Arcy Ranch which I was surprised by and enjoyed the round.

  • Very similar tastes in golf courses! I am a member at Kawartha, and you’re right, Cataraqui should be in the top 25! Black Bear Ridge is probably one of the best values you can discover in golf. On a weekend, you should play Black Bear Ridge in Belleville, then travel up the road to Kingston to play Cataraqui then end it all with a bang in Ottawa and play Eagle Creek. You will not be disappointed with your trip.

  • Glad to see Tarandowah crack the list! Bayview Golf Club has some of the best course maintenance around and the last three holes are beyond breath-taking!

  • Northern Bear 92 ???? Maybe 92nd in Alberta, not even top ten in the Edmonton region. Mediocre layout by the Great Jack Nicklaus, and the conditions are always horrid. Did any of the SCORE evaluators take the time to play any courses around Edmonton?

  • Cataraqui in now way, shape or form should be anywhere near the top 25. The fact that it is even in the top 100 is very generous.

    • Ryan, you can’t be right all the time, Cataraqui is a classic Canadian golf course and deserves recognition.

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