Weir To Work With New Coach?

The wind whistled and Mike Weir went home — again — from yet another golf tournament without playing the weekend. The Ottawa Sun’s Chris Stevenson is just about the only Canadian reporter at the PGA Championship, and he managed to get Weir to offer some real quotes about his struggles and the possibility of changing coaches:

“I can’t keep playing like this,” Weir told QMI Agency. “I’ve got to figure out something different. It’s time to do something different. It’s too hard playing like that.”

When asked if looking for another coach is an option he is considering, Weir replied: “I haven’t ruled it out.

“Sometimes another set of eyes helps. It’s a possibility. I’m going to discuss it with Mike. Maybe we keep on doing what we’re doing.

“I have to consider everything and keep working and see where we go from here.”

Where does he go from here? Weir missed his 7th cut in 18 events this year making this his worst year since 1998. When he left the stack and tilt philosophy of Plummer and Bennett last year, he returned to the comfy instruction of Leadbetter pupil and his former swing coach, Mike Wilson. I think that’s akin to breaking up with your hot new girlfriend and going back to your ex. You know what to expect and the situation is comfortable, familiar. So Weir went back to Wilson — but it is clear that he needs something else, a fact he now appears aware of. Under Wilson last year he had six Top 10 finishes, while he had eight under stack and tilt in 2008, and a win in 2007.  This year he has one Top 10 finish and has dropped out of the Top 125 golfers on the PGA Tour money list. By any measurement, the year is a disaster.

This is all complicated by the fact Weir is hurt. He wants to play into the Top 125, but perhaps what he really needs to do is shut it down for a while. He may get that chance — if his play continues at this rate he’ll miss most of the FedEx Cup, giving him most of a month off.

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  • If Mike is hurting it’s hard to understand why he wouldn’t take
    Whatever time is necessary to get 100%. As far as I know
    Being hurt and playing golf at a high level just don’t go hand in

  • Maybe he works hard on his game,but he does not play enough to be, and stay in game shape.At this rate I don’t think he can win again at this level.This has been going on for a number of years.So far has played 18 of 36 events,made 11 cuts and is 125th on the money list.What does he expect?

  • It’s too bad to see Mike struggling like he currently is. His ball striking numbers were much better in 2008 than they are now – maybe he shouldn’t have left Mike and Andy. Since leaving he’s lost 14 yards on average off the tee while hitting 9% less Fairways, hits 7 percent less greens/round, and has lost 3.5 mph of clubhead speed. I don’t know how much his injuries have played in that I’m just looking at the numbers. Usually you don’t see people hitting it 14 yards shorter AND missing more fairways.

    I hope he figures it out – it’s always fun watching the Canadians play well.

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