Getting Stuck like Tiger?

Here is a nice you tube video of Tom Kite, the longest running top money winner on the PGA tour of his era; Tom was a long time student of Harvey Penick who used to advocate ALLOWING THE RIGHT HIP TO TURN FULLY INTO THE BACKSWING to allow the arms full access to the range of motion they need to NOT CRASH INTO THE RIB CAGE; when the upper arms crash into the upper rib cage, the arm club unit gets DIVERTED ACROSS THE CHEST AND THE ARMS GET STUCK BEHING THE BODY ON THE WAY DOWN; there is no escape for this! You either do like Tiger and end up pushing out to the right or over compensate and pull hook left; you over cook fades into slices and or double cross the intended fades into pull hooks to the left like when Tiger tried to fade the ball around the road hole hotel and ended up drawing the ball left of the dog leg. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT TIGER NEEDS to stop getting stuck behind him on the downswing. So, combined with this video, you will see my video on coordinating arm motion with body turn and how to avoid any possibility of crashing into the body.

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  • I see the club dropping nicely in the slot with relaxed arms and a good release of the club, but the head is bobbing rather severely. I would be concerned about using this drill and losing the degree of head stability I now have. Any help here please.

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