Ace at Beverly

I played a mediocre round at Beverly G & CC today (my play was mediocre, not the course, which I will write about later.) The round was coasting along when I hit the 17th hole, an uphill par-3 playing slightly downwind at 157-yards. I took out my 8-iron, hit a slight cut and watched it one hop towards the pin, sit on the lip for an instant and tumble into the hole for an ace. It was my third in 14 years. My first came in Myrtle Beach at a course that no longer exists in 1998, while my second came on the sixth hole at Copper Creek  in 2003. Whenever I’ve been lucky enough to get one, I always wonder if I’ll ever experience that fleeting feeling again.

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  • Congratulations Robert!

    I’ve had a grand total of one in my non-illustrious golfing career…and I wasn’t even lucky enough to see it happen.

    It was on a course I’ve played many times, on a truly evil green, guarded with steep mounding and bunkers on the front. I hit the shot I wanted to…but after that, had no idea where my ball might have ended up. It could have been stiff, or 40 feet long, take your pick

    Only when the group in front of us started running back to the green, yelling at us did we know something was going on. I actually thought I might have hit and sprinkler head and nailed one of them with a ricochet!

    Like you, I REALLY hope there will be a next time!

    I don’t mean to be greedy or sound like an ingrate, but somehow, I couldn’t help feeling a little cheated on my first and only.

  • Rob, when I become king anyone who makes their second hole in one will be flogged and then imprisoned until the rest of us get our first.
    Since you’ve had three you will soon be sent to the dungeon.
    The next time you stand on the tee of a par three, be afraid, be very afraid.

    BTW – Beverly is a great course. Not many rankers know too much about it but it’s very solid.

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