Working the ball; Learn new tricks!

As a teacher, the question I get all the time is how can I hit the ball straight?  First we need to understand that a perfectly straight ball is needle in a haystack.  The swing is an arc and we insist on drawing straight lines between the ball and the target; so we manipulate the arms and club like crazy placing band aid over band aid in the illusion of perfection only to be disappointed over and over again.  The best way to hit a ball that looks straight, is to learn how to draw and fade the ball; we teach our students to do this much earlier than they can imagine!  They think the only way they will learn this is to hit the ball straight but they have it all backwards!!  If you understand how to curve a soccer ball, you can curve a golf ball; and with a bit of practice, you can learn the straight draw and the straight fade!

Have a look at the following 2 videos and you will get my drift!


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