Week 3 ProV1 Contest Winner — Week Four Ready to Go

Get a login for in an win these fine golf balls!

Congrats to Bigshot for winning the third week of Canadian Golfer’s ProV1 giveaway. Drop me a line with your address and I’ll get them in the mail. In fact, I’ll get the balls for all three prize winners in the mail — I’ve been tardy.

So week four of the five weeks of our giveaway is now ready to roll.

All you have to do is register for the site with a working email (those who previously registered can enter each week) and the comments to this post tell me what additional feature we should add to Any crazy idea is valid, I suppose. However, I’ll tell you up front I’m not going to be involved in anything that involves a webcam and me taking off my golf shorts, though I don’t suppose that’s what you had in mind anyway.

As always, my 5-year old will pick the winner, so keep it clean folks.

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  • maybe start the series you did for the National Post that ended up as a book playing with various people (business, entertainment, sports, media).

    I think you should definitely venture further out and play with a wide range of famous and just regular amateurs to get a better feel for what golf is like from the wide demographics.

    elite CDN amateurs (male and female + juniors), a round with Celine Dion, showing up at the Raptors/Leafs/Jays tournament, etc…

    all these perspectives would be highly entertaining.

  • I think an alphabetical listing of the course reviews would be better, instead of the chronological order that they are currently listed under now.

  • The site is excellent, Robert. I wouldn’t suggest any large changes. I would, however, pay to read about you hitting the links with Celine Dion 🙂

  • like the site, course reviews of courses the public can play would be on my list, perhaps more perspective from the Blue or white tees (rather than the tips, i.e. 200 yard + par 3’s, how does it play from 175?).

  • Not so much an addition, or something new, but more of – gear reviews and tests, including more comments from users and their own experiences with equipment. It doesn’t just need to be all of the new gear, but good quality stuff that may hgave been around for a year or two, or more, and would be a valuable part of any serious or recreational golfer’s bag.

  • I like when you occasionally mention approx. how many rounds are being played at various courses. Everyone enjoys best of lists, what about at the end of a season a “which course had the most round played” list? Which would in effect show which courses are the most popular.

  • More in-depth Features/Reviews on the great courses (public and private) that not many have heard about.

  • Looks like a pretty good site will have to search through it more. But I’m alway’s looking for more simplified instructions

  • More Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and the gang

    You have to love them 5 year old judges. 🙂

  • I checked out your site a bit and I don’t seem to see any golf reviews of Quebec courses. We’ve got some amazing courses here that nobody knows about. I hope to see some reviews in the future.

  • Hi Robert,

    Did those golf balls get in the mail? The local mail guy seems to be walking with a little more swagger and tells me his handicap is down? I also am a little low in the ball department after playing Pipers Heath in the wind on Saturday.


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