Is Tiger Still The Intimidating Force?

That’s the question David Leadbetter raised when we spoke earlier this year:

I think he intimidated so many players for so long that basically playing with Tiger was a transformation … he would find an extra gear and they couldnt, he explains. Now you have the players … they are going to go in with an attitude that this guy isnt perfect, hes human after all and they have a chance.

And they are really believing it, he says, continuing, which is a big difference.

What do you think?

My take is that his game looks as solid as ever and that he can hit shots that only one or two players in the field can match. One of those players is Phil Mickelson, and he’s also in the hunt. I don’t think Lee Westwood or Ian Poulter can match up if placed head-to-head with Mickelson or Woods.

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  • I think Tiger may have shown all his peers and the world that he is flawed and not even close to perfect with his recent conduct in his personal life. But on the golf course he appears to be the same if not a better player than he was before the “accident”. I think every PGA Tour player knows thats at his best he is still one level above them all. Does this means he wins Sunday? NO. It just means that he is still the beat player day in and day on the Tour. And to me this means he is just as intimidating as he was before.

  • It’s critically important that players and instructors like Leadbetter endeavor to find a ways to build up “hope” in their own minds when competing against Tiger. Prior to this week, as Tiger showed fault and that “he’s human after all”, as Lead states, the notion of hope grew significantly higher in every player’s, and their instructor’s minds. Now, after 36-holes at Augusta, thing have shifted again.
    Tiger’s intimidation factor in the field is just as big as ever at Augusta and has an excellent possibility to even get larger real fast and we get to watch unfold.

  • The intimidation is not gone, it is simply parked aside for now. All it takes is one tournament when Tiger play to his A game, then the intimidation factor would come back.

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