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Covered a lot of ground today — from doing analysis on CTV immediately following the press conference (you can see that discussion here — in the video player that accompanies the Woods story), and I immediately went down to CBC and had another discussion about the press conference, and then talked the business of golf for a story that is scheduled to appear on the National tonight (but now apparently isn’t). From there I took to my computer to start work on my column and finally onto the phones with CHCH in Hamilton. All in all, a pretty crazy day.

What did I make of the press conference? Well, Tiger didn’t say much, did he? Some degree of clarity was offered on the drug scandal involving Toronto Dr. Anthony Galea with Woods denying that he took performance enhancing drugs — or anything illegal for that matter. He said he used Galea because he had experience with athletes — like there’s no other doctor in the U.S. capable of the kind of treatment he was seeking.

We also learned Elin isn’t with him and that’s he’s not answering questions about whether the “one day” he referred to in his monologue in February has come too soon for her. And the car accident? Woods says it ended with a $166 fine and the case is closed.

Overall it struck me that Woods didn’t get asked many difficult questions and he came well prepared. We heard the same talk over and over again — that he was doing bad things and is repenting and changing his ways.

Perhaps the most remarkable element of the press conference was his admission to playing last year with a partially healed Achilles tendon. He won $10-million playing on a torn up foot. Imagine what he might have done?

And is it just me, or did you find it strange that no one asked Woods how much he intends to play this year?

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