Tiger Woods: What Do We Still Need To Know?

I had a call this morning from a Canadian Press reporter asking me what I thought Tiger Woods needs to say tomorrow at his 2 pm press conference. The call actually involved more discussion about the protocol of Augusta and what reporters would be allowed to ask. Frankly I’m tired of the “bimbo of the week,” and Vanity Fair or not, I think it is time we moved on. Of course there are questions about how the sex scandal and fallout will impact his golf game. That’s a legitimate question. But on Monday how will Tiger really answer that? He’s already said he’s rusty, and that’s he looking forward to getting back to playing. Of course, we all know — even as amateur players — how our lives off the course can affect our play.

So what do we need to know? Or what should Tiger answer? I’m with Brad Faxon on this one— forget the stuff about the porno stars and waitresses — it is time Woods talked about human growth hormone and Dr. Galea, the Toronto doctor linked to steroid use.

Here’s Faxon’s take:

I’m much more concerned about Tiger’s being treated by the Toronto doctor, Anthony Galea, who was arrested in Canada last October on drug charges, a doctor who admits to using human growth hormone. Baseball really took a hit by being so opaque about PEDs. Golf cannot afford to do the same. I really hope Woods did not use HGH, even if it was when he was off the Tour rehabbing his knee. Any use of HGH by a Tour member would represent a serious violation of our drug policy. I don’t think Tiger would use HGH, but he should say exactly how he was treated by Galea.

Given his inclination to be guarded, that would be hard for Tiger to do. Now that his private life has been exposed to the world, his natural instinct will most likely be to become even more secretive. But if he really wants the world to forgive him, he needs to be far more open.

 Of course Woods isn’t going to admit to anything. He’s too smart for that. But this is one question that can’t be tossed aside by the powers that be at Augusta because it is about golf. I’m interested in Woods’ answer, more than I am about how he’s progressing as a Buddhist or how he needs to be a better person. And I think if he shoots 67 the first day out, people will start to forget about the scandals and start thinking about his golf. In fact, the more golf Woods plays — and the better he is when on the course — the less people are going to be inclined to want more dirt. Sure there will be more stories from tarted up women about how they banged the world’s greatest athlete, but if Tiger starts to win, it’ll simply be more noise that gets tuned out.

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  • IMO we don’t really need to know any more about Tiger Woods than we already know. What more is there to know? We know he has likely wrecked his marriage, we know he was not thinking straight for quite some time, we know he has been one of the greatest golfers of all time, we know that his sponsors abandoned him, we know some say he was hanging out with the wrong crowd, we know that he will never again be perceived as having it all together (money, family, planes, boats, mansions etc etc). In short we know he was a schmuck. What we don’t know and only time will tell, is whether or not he can turn the page and become more like the person everyone thought he was.

  • I don’t care if I never hear another word from Woods, but he needs to stop spewing bs. Shutting up is a perfect option for him.

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