Tiger Shows Up For Practice, and the Media Start Guessing

Tiger and Stevie show up at Augusta and try to focus on golf -- for a change.

Tiger Woods showed up at Augusta to practice, but he wasn’t talking and the media continue to guess at what he’ll say at tomorrow’s press conference. I’m on both CBC and CTV tomorrow talking about it — though I’ll say I think most media outlets hoping for something salacious are going to be disappointed. It is more likely that we’ll get answers about how Woods will play the approach at 13 than about his tawdry affairs.

Probably go something like this:

Q: Tiger, Joslyn James said you were cheap and that Byron Bell made all of her travel arrangements. How do you respond?

TW: I think I’ll hit a cut off the tee and then see whether I’m in the position to give the green a go.

Canadian Press called today to talk about the conference and what we expect from Woods. The story can be found here, and this is what I had to say:

Theres a Canadian connection to the questions he might face. Woods has yet to discuss his association with Anthony Galea, the Toronto sports physician who treated him while he was recovering from knee surgery. Galea has been charged with importing illegal drugs into Canada.

Itll be very hard for the Augusta people to argue that questions about Galea dont fall within the realm of golf, Thompson said. Those are legitimate questions, and he needs to explain himself.

But Thompson doubts Woodss performance at the news conference will mean anything in the long run. Its how he plays at Augusta that will determine whether his brutalized public image can be repaired.

If he shoots a 65 on Thursday, said Thompson, it doesnt matter how many cocktail waitresses hes had sex with behind a church.

The full CP story is here.

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