CPGA Approves "PACE" program, opens up organization

Since there’s been a significant back-and-forth on what makes a good club pro in Canada on another post, I thought I’d mention that the CPGA approved its new educational/employment strategy at its AGM in Moncton. I’ll say this — the CPGA sure is vague in their press releases. My understanding is this opens up the process of becoming a pro by allowing some non-traditional routes into the business. I’ll talk to new CPGA executive director Gary Bernard about it soon. In the meantime there are plenty of CPGA readers on here — perhaps one of them can chime in on what this means.

Anyway, here’s the press release:

Canadian PGA PACE Program Approved by Membership
(Acton, ON) March 24, 2010 “ The Canadian PGA announced today that their proposed PACE program, an education and employment strategy to enhance the knowledge and influence of all Canadian PGA Professionals, was approved by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting in Moncton, New Brunswick.
This is a giant leap forward for the Canadian PGA and the entire golf industry as a whole, said Glenn Cundari, President of the Canadian PGA. Were not afraid to say that we are working hard to help our Members live a better life and earn a better living and this is a key component to making that happen.
The purpose of the Canadian PGA PACE Program is:
– to ensure that all Members of the Canadian PGA have standardized training and knowledge of the golf industry
– to support the professional development of our Members throughout their careers
– to enhance career opportunities by offering a system that will improve and simplify the employment process
– to encourage and celebrate continued development in a specialized field
Announcements regarding the PACE program will be released to the Canadian PGA Membership and the entire golf industry as new opportunities and developments present themselves.

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  • IMHO, and I’m far removed from the present CPGA, the press release above is very nice however there will always be better professionals who will continue to seek ways of being the best. There will always be educational requirements (for the pros and for the public), I wish I had had better education when I became Head Pro at Bayview, but the degree would not have gotten me the job.
    It’s a good program to raise the average smarts of members which is a good thing. But being average will not get the good jobs which are rapidly decreasing.

    If I had an 18 year old I would strongly recommend Hotel courses, get into the hospitality industry and enjoy your golf as a recreational opportunity.

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