G4G Mailbag: All Tiger, All the Time

Here’s the latest installment of the G4G mailbag, taking in emails I’ve received from readers over the last two weeks. Always good to get a glimpse of what the public thinks, even if it is done in a couple of sentences.

So let’s begin with reader Pete:

why waste time on this know he won`t change.he`s a spoiled little weasel with no back bone.i for one have no time for cheata woods.

I thought Ben Johnson was the “cheata?” Am I wrong?

Of course, Don thought I should turn to the Internet for research on what Tiger was admitting to. Sorry Don, but I’ve already read the Joslyn James texts so I have a pretty good sense of what he might have been admitting to and I’ve learned you should find trustworthy companions when you’re looking for a three-way. Or maybe you shouldn’t text about it. Anyway, here’s what Don thought:

There is a multitude of porn available to you on the internet if you need that kind of detail. Tigers business is not available for your personal pleasure. He makes his ability at golf available for your useless comments and that is enough for the uneducated masses you appeal too.

You mean the John Daly demographic, Don? I’ve already offended them.

Jon Baskerville found me lacking in “human compassion” for the “young man.” Damn Woods is nearly as old as I am and I don’t feel all that young tonight with my two-year old crying in the other room and refusing to go to sleep. Anyway, Jonny had this to say:

Hello Robert Thompson,
I must admit I found your article about Tiger rather upsetting. Your lack of human compassion for a young man who seems to be doing his best to make amends for very serious mistakes is as disappointing to me as those mistakes. It is a spiritual law that one who inhabits a judgemental mind loses the ability to love. Don’t underestimate how important a spiritual practice like meditation can be in a person’s life. You may need it one day. As for Tiger’s refusal to drag his family through the dirt I believe that what happened on that night in November is none of your damned business. If you think it is your business then you might want to examine what you are doing with your life.
With no doubt about your inherent goodness, your ability to express it and our common love for the game of Golf.

I’m trying to meditate on another angle for this Woods story, but it isn’t getting me anywhere. And I still think a lot of Tiger’s problems stem from his inability to come clean on what happened in November night. I assume lawyers are telling him not to talk, and since he can’t say that without looking like he’s broken some law, he’s saying it is a private matter. Oh well, I’ll meditate on that and see what I can come up with.

However, several saw it like I do — or at least sorta/kinda like I do, including Kathleen in White Rock, BC:

Excellent article.  Tiger hasnt changed a bit as in control¦he still thinks he can control the media.  I for one was glad to see that CBS had turned down Tigers request for an interview on Sunday.  Time will tell how the public reacts.  I am a golfer but have never appreciated Tiger on the course for many years  because of his temper.  He needs to show some professionalism when he makes a bad shot as well as a good one¦.stop the fist bumping and throwing clubs.

Well, I didn’t really have a problem with the fist bumping, though I did think the club throwing was going a little far.  Jim Mairs thought it was “Miller Time” as far as Tiger is concerned:

Hi Robert
   I just finished reading your article on Tiger Woods latest foray, under controlled conditions, onto TV with another non statement.  It is just amazing that so called TV talking heads can let themselves be used by this person whenever he commands.  I now appears, with his eventual return to golf, that we will have to endure more of John Miller and Roger kissing up to “Tiger”  I for one hope that Miller used the time out to strengthen his lips for the upcoming a–kissing that he will be doing.
   Your article was concise and well thought out and worded.  Again thank you for putting into print what so many others feel
Jim Mairs
Belleville, Ontario

Concise and well thought out? Didn’t you read what Don had to say?

And finally Pat O’Connor came to my defence:

Dear Mr. Thompson,
I just read two articles by you: one about Tiger Woods and the other about John Daly. I want to compliment you on your style and your willingness to buck the herd mentality of sport journalists who never breath a word of censure about the “icons” of the game.
I enjoyed the thoughtful and original content. Perhaps “Leaving Las Vegas” might be a more appropriate title to join with Golf Central; especially, since Daly seems to win continous “deliverance” from an outright ban.
Pat O’Connor

Oh Pat, I’m not sure what made me blush more — your kind words or doing some Internet research on what Tiger meant when he texted about “golden showers.” Next people will be telling me that “stinger” was not just a euphenism for a low 3-wood…

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