Thompson on Tiger: CTV

I’m heading up to CTV’s Toronto studio tonight to talk about Tiger Woods. Not sure when this is airing, or how much insight I can provide in four minutes — but I’m feeling up to the task!

Update: I’m on a little past 7 on CTV’s all-news channel. I’ll post a link if I can find one. Interestingly, here’s CTV interviewing Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman about doing her talk with Woods.

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Robert Thompson

A bestselling author and award-winning columnist, Robert Thompson has been writing about business and sports, and particularly golf, for almost two decades. His reporting and commentary on golf has appeared in Golf Magazine, the Globe and Mail, T&L Golf and many other media outlets. Currently Robert is a columnist with Global Golf Post, golf analyst for Global News and Shaw Communications, and Senior Writer to ScoreGolf. The Going for the Green blog was launched in 2004.

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  • Great. Now we’ve got media interviewing media with the Tiger Woods stuff (referring to CTV interviewing Tilghman). Pretty soon other media will interview the media who interviewed the two people who interviewed Tiger Woods. Next, the media will tell us there is too much Tiger Woods coverage. The pot calling the kettle black.

  • RT…..When is the last time you were in Orlando? When is the last time you talked to Elin or Tiger? When was the last time you saw a PGA Tour event. When is the last time you talked to anybody inside Tiger’s inner circle? What can you possibly add to this? You are just a blah blah blah blah artist. I find it amazing that you would offer yourself up on television to talk about a subject in which you have no real first hand knowledge. Just blah blah blah blah. Would you do an interview on brain surgery? No, well why not, you know as much about brain surgery than what is going on in Tiger’s mind. Shut up RT.

  • Though the delivery is pretty harsh I have to agree with Nigel in spirit on this one. While RT has parlayed a newspaper column about playing golf with CEOs into a career as a golf blogger and sometime journalist, he is not and has never been among the elite few who have access to Tiger Woods – not even close.

    While he is friends / acquaintances with a few players and members of the Canadian golf industry, CTV would have done viewers a service by talking to those people directly, rather than getting RT’s secondhand opinions of what he’s heard from others and read in the papers just like the rest of us.

    Media talking to media about it is now just getting silly. I so don’t want to hear another detail about Tiger’s personal life, whether from RT, some skanky mistress or Tiger himself. On topics actually relating to his golf game, bring it on, at least once he starts playing in public again.

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