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Overlooking the 9th and 18th at Sagebrush

A post commenting about an appearance Richard Zokol made at the Toronto Golf Show, has yielded some very interesting discussion around design credit on his new course – Sagebrush in the interior of BC. You can check it out here: G4G at Toronto Golf Show and Zokol/Sagebrush.

You can also refer back to the earlier course review that Robert Thompson did of the Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club in Merritt BC.

A myriad of designers and consultants worked with Zokol to create his vision at Sagebrush, it is interesting to hear his comments of who contributed where, and how he weaved it all together. Fascinating.

Let’s get the record straight… Sagebrush is a Whitman/Zokol/Suny design.
Whitman laid out a draft routing. It really was a wonderful initial start since the whole site was in question right from the beginning to even be able to put 18 connecting holes on the ground. Whit’s initial routing got tweaked about 20%, so I would say Whit’s responsible for 80% of Sagebrush routing.
Curious: it’s easy to default and assume that just because I am/was a PGA Tour player that my presence was in name only, but that is not the case and that shouldn’t be assumed. In most cases, PGA Tour player’s names are as you stayed, just ribbon cutters and poster boys that bring marketing horse power to the design.

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  • Mark my words, “Sagebrush will (soon) be regarded as one of the Canada’s best golf courses.” It will be a staple within every magazine’s Top 10 – if not their Top 5 in Canada. It’s that good.

    Sagebrush plays like no other course in Canada. The variety and strategic shot options available to the player are unparalleled. It is a “must play” before you die experience.

  • More and more easterners in the know are visiting Sagebrush, and coming away favorably impressed, “We don’t have anything like that in Ontario.”

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