AIMING CORRECTLY TARGET isn’t only a store!

I just heard a commercial on Golf Channel for their newest teaching video and for some reason as I looked at the screen there was a quote “88% of golfers do not aim properly”. Which means to me that maybe 12% do it properly!

The single biggest slow play cause is people trying to aim properly. On the LPGA Tour the caddies have to stand behind to tell their Pro when they are aimed correctly. This unfortunately is also catching on for the men’s tours too! Even golf balls have cheater lines which require “golfers” to line up their friggin balls, as if the ball will know to follow the line.

So how do you aim properly? USE YOUR EYES and then YOUR MIND – THINK ABOUT WHERE YOU WANT THE BALL AND YOUR SWING TO GO. Can you tell where Freddie Couples is aimed by the way he lines up? Do quarterbacks get a chance to line up every throw? Why can a good hockey player play golf almost instantly?Why do kids putt better than adults? Because they have the target clearly in their mind’s eye. TARGET is more important than alignment 9 times out of 10 (in my humble opinion :-))

If more golfers would just pick their target, step up to the ball and swing at their target, they’d improve. Making sure that your knees, and shoulders, and club, and whatever else is lined up will help, but only if you have an idea of T A R G E T !

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Gary Slatter

Venerable Canadian golf pro Gary Slatter discusses his opinions on the state of golf, golf course design and construction, teaching and more, based on a lifetime in the business.

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  • Right on Gary. A point well made. If you could only convince people that it’s really that simple we’d have a lot fewer frustrated players out there.

  • I think most of the amateurs think that aiming correctly it is everithing.
    They don’t realize that the ball flies only where the swing goes. Many years ago I was the Starter at the Italian Open in Florence, I think it was in 1980, the year Bernard Langer won. I remember watching at everybody’s routine. They just gave a look from behind, took a position, and played. Most of the Players aimed to the right, some parallel to line of play, and very few to the left, Mark James was one of them. But everyone hit the ball to the same place. for sure the Target was clearly in their mind. I fully agreed about the importance of the TARGET.

    Congratulations for your Blog. Very interesting.

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