ClubLink in FLA?

Last week I interviewed Rai Sahi, the majority shareholder and CEO of ClubLink Corp., the corporate golf giant in Ontario and Quebec. I was writing a profile of Sahi for Golf Canada magazine, and when transcribing the interview, I found this little nugget of news when asking Rai what he brings to ClubLink and where the company was headed:

Sahi: I spend one day a  week at ClubLink. What I bring is at the strategic level. I want to help the growth of golf and were trying to figure out where we go. Do we form a strategic alliance in the U.S.? Im reviewing what is happening in the U.S. Florida could be a market that is an extension of ClubLink. Members from Montreal and Toronto come to Florida and it could be a reason for them to join.

We had some discussion in B.C. But there are no other cities like Toronto and Montreal. The other [Canadian] cities are big enough. We might do it differently. It could become a national entity. But thats not our primary focus, but we have some conversations. The core of the business will remain the GTA.

Interesting to note Sahi spends a fair bit of time in the winter in Florida — and I’m sure some courses there could be picked up for a song. I was also told today that ClubLink owns a U.S. course — in Virginia. Who knew?

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  • ClubLink owns the Lake Chesdin Golf Club in Richmond, Virginia. It has been listed in their annual report for several years. About 5 years ago, as a shareholder, I suggested that ClubLink buy one or more golf clubs in Florida, and make same available to ClubLink members who visit Florida in the winter. They were negative about the idea then, but seem to be reconsidering. Although only a shareholder and not a member, I think this is a great idea. I go to Florida for a few weeks each winter, and know of some struggling but well-located courses in tourist areas that could be easily be upgraded. The recession would help lower the purchase price.
    Jim McVety

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