Taylor's Torch Trouble

Top Canadian amateur Nick Taylor is scheded to run the torch relay heading up to the Canadian Olympics — but there’s an issue, according to Kent Gilchrist in the Province:

Proud father Jay Taylor is thrilled his talented son, golfer Nick Taylor, has been selected to carry the Olympic Torch. It just would have been nice if Jay could have spoken to someone about the time constraints the University of Washington senior will have to get to his allotted post in Merritt and not his hometown of Abbotsford.

The younger Taylor is in Hawaii with his Husky teammates and won’t return to Seattle until 9:40 p.m., Saturday. His leg of the Olympic torch relay is in Merritt at 7 a.m., Sunday.

Neither Abbotsford MLA Mike DeJong, who nominated Nick for the honour, nor RCGA executive director Scott Simmons have had any more luck than Jay in finding a sympathetic ear, let alone someone to actually offer advice.

Let me get this straight — the torch run is put on largely by RBC. RBC just put millions into Canadian professional and amateur golf, including the Canadian Open. Are you telling me the Taylor family doesn’t know how to get a hold of RBC’s marketing guru, Jim Little, the man with the cash for golf,  and that RCGA ED Scott Simmons doesn’t have Little on speed dial if there’s an issue? Of course if the government is sponsoring this and the MLA can’t get anything done, who exactly is to blame? Taylor could always drop out if it is too difficult to make.

Just saying…

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  • Carrying the torch is an honour. If Nick Taylor cannot find his way to Merritt on Sunday morning, then I am sure there is a lineup of people who would be pleased to take his place.

    It is not as though Nick Taylor is a household name (outside of informed golf fans). He is gaining access to carrying the torch because of his relationship with RBC, who likely was trying to find a spot for him to carry the torch in the populous Southern BC area.

    Now would not be the time to complain around scheduling or location. Either make the sacrifice to get to the appointed time and location or bypass the honour and let someone else take his place. Complaining to the media only makes him look bad.

  • One of my friends was a torch bearer in Ontario. He knew last summer more or less when and where he was carrying the torch.

    This likely wasn’t just sprung on Taylor unless they were finding a last minute spot for him.

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