ClubLink's Lake Joe Club Loses Liquor License Over Crash

There’s been lots written about the accident two summers ago in Muskoka which resulted in three fatalities after the driver was apparently overserved at ClubLink’s Lake Joseph Club. The accident got a ton of media coverage, especially when the police charged the board of directors, resulting in headlines. There were a lot fewer headlines when those charges all disappeared — police had made their point, though it looks like they never had a chance of convictions against the men, practically all senior executives at Canadian companies.

The latest news came down yesterday, and sees Lake Joseph lose its license for 45-days  (source: Toronto Star):

In a decision issued Wednesday by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, The Lake Joseph Club, operated by the ClubLink Corporation, admitted to breaching a section of the Ontario Liquor Licence Act by selling liquor to intoxicated persons.

“A suspension for 45 days is very rare,” according to Lisa Murray, a spokesperson for the commission. Most suspensions are less than 14 days, she said.

Of course, despite the fact the Star says the suspension comes at “peak season,” most members won’t even notice unless they come at the start of July:

The liquor licence suspension runs from 11 a.m. June 1 to 2 a.m. July 16. The punishment was part of an agreed statement of facts between lawyers for ClubLink and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

I’d say ClubLink got off pretty lightly. If the suspension had come down in July and August, it would have really affected the club’s off-course revenue.

I also love how at the end of its story the Star calls Lake Joseph Club “hangout for the cottage set.” Last time I checked it was a private club…

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  • RT. The bar/restaurant “Water’s Edge” is where the kids were served. It’s open to the public and pretty popular.

  • Sorry for my ignorance but is it Mr Henry or Henry something?
    How about putting your name out there…Robert does…I just did…Gary Slatter does…Dick Zokol does…Dick Kirkpatrick does!

  • Hi Henry something. You’ve often got some interesting comments…most I agree with but not always. I take it your not going to reveal who you are…or are you? To me it matters! If you do so it gives you a lot more credibility but most importantly a hint of integrity.

  • Clublink is happy to take money from all comers. You can walk into any club and pay for F&B and merchandise with cash or credit card. But, other than the resort area courses, few people do.

    As for putting our names out there, I choose not too. If I provide my last name when commenting on web sites and blogs, it seems that my comments pop up on Google searches on my name. I prefer to keep some thoughts from my clients, prospects and colleagues. Besides, it’s the comment that matters, not the commenter. Why it matters to Ken is beyond me. I doubt he knows henrye and for sure he doesn’t know me. I’m just a high handicapper nobody who happens to enjoy Robert’s Blog.

  • The bar is a big time hangout in the summer for all comers.

    You do not have to be a lake joe member for them to take you money. I have done it many times, so Henry is 100% correct.

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